Using a Network Scanner with TurboTitle


If you use a network scanner in your office, the TWScanTran utility makes it easy to use your network scanner to import files into Turbo.


Download the utility and install it on a TurboTitle workstation that will remain logged in.  TWScanTran will start itself on future logins.  To start it now and configure it’s settings, launch the utility from the TurboTitle Start folder and click on “Settings.”

TWScanTran Setup Dialog

The TIF directory setting should point to the network directory where the network scanner will save files intended to be imported to TurboTitle.

Optionally, you can set the utility to automatically check for new images on a determined interval.  To enable this feature, check the box labeled “Retrieve New Image Files Automatically” and set the check interval to your desired length.

When you have set the desired settings, click exit.

To hide the TWScanTran menu and click “Hide.”  The scanning transfer utility will continue running in the system tray.  To completely close the utility and stop scanning transfers, click “Stop & Close.”

Saving the Scanned Images

TWScanTran checks the files in the specified network directory and looks for files named with TurboTitle order numbers.  To save a scanned image to a particular TurboTitle order, simply save it with the same name as the order.  TWScanTran will automatically remove the scanned image from the network directory as it copies it into the TurboTitle database.

Example:  To save a file to the order UT-12345 save the image as “UT-12345.tif”.

TWScanTran will also allow you to add a scan bookmark name to the scanned image.  When saving the scanned file, add a space after the TurboTitle file number, followed by the name.  The name must be one of the pre-configured document names in TurboTitle.

Example: To save an imgae to the order UT-12345 and name it as a Quick Claim Deed, save the image as “UT-12345 QCD.tif”, where QCD is the name used for Quick Claim Deeds in TurboTitle.


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