RON Merge Codes

Remote Online Notary merge codes are now available in DocDesigner.

They currently will only merge document markups for However, the same merge codes will be available for other services in the future.

When the document is merged the codes are replaced with the mark up text specified by the designated notary service.

The screen shot above shows the merge codes currently available.

  • Line Width: Determines how wide the inserted data can be.
  • Signer No: sets the numeric marker for which signer is active

Also, note that signature merge code blocks will also add mark up texts automatically.
Those signature blocks are found in the ‘Text Blocks’ section under the General list.
The following merge codes apply:

  • BuyerSigBlock, SellerSigBlock
  • BuyerSigBlockDated, SellerSigBlockDated
  • SignatureBuyers, SignatureSellers
  • SignatureBuyersWithEmailPhone, SignatureSellersWithEmailPhone







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