January TurboTitle Update

Turbo Title 5.3 (Build includes several updates. With these updates the new property type underwriting requirements are met. TWRemit has also been updated to reflect these changes. Be sure to update TWRemit to make sure new property types are reflected in your underwriter report, as noted below.

January TurboTitle Update

Included in the January update (Build

  • Supports new property type underwriter reporting requirements.
  • TWRemit has been updated to handle the new requirements as well as the native reporting in Turbo Title. (More information and download below.)
  • Large exceptions are now handled better when printing commitments/policies. Splitting large exceptions into multiple blocks is no longer required.
How to get the update

Updating to the latest build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater. The updater is available to download if you do not already have it.

Updating from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier.

If you need to update from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier, please contact us before running the updater.

Capturing Property Type Data

If you have been using Turbo Title as suggested in the Property Type Underwriting Requirements Post then you have been capturing “property type” data in Turbo Title. The underwriter reports internal to Turbo Title will use this new “property type” data when creating underwriter reports. The next section describes how to transfer that data into TWRemit from Turbo Title.

Getting Data into TWRemit

After running the January Turbo Title update, make sure that users running the remittance utility download the updated TWRemit Utility.

After installing build, property type data will automatically transfer into TWRemit as policies are printed. However, that data has NOT been transferred prior to this version. Update TWRemit data entered prior to this build by one of the following methods:

  • You can also use “Update Data in Remittance Records” to update all of the active records in TWRemit. (Recommended)
  • You can use “Update Current Record” to bring in fresh data including the property type data for a single record.
  • You can enter changes manually by using the Edit option or double click the grid. Then make the appropriate selection in the “PropType” field and click “OK”.
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