April TurboTitle Update

The April release ( includes the following updates:


  • Recording Doc Date now editable
  • Client List can now be printed
  • Client list can now be sorted by column
  • Property Search remembers previously used index
  • Property Search goes to the file when enter is pressed
  • Added Central Bank positive pay format
  • Fixed issue where printing a package started with a blank page

Turbo Policy

  • Doc print dialogue allows combining Underwriter PDF files
  • Underwriter policy PDFs now stord as [SharedRepository]/UW/filename.pdf
  • Fixed issue were duplicate printers were added to doc print dialogue

Turbo Escrow

  • Added 55% rate to Premium Calculator
  • Added a “To” comment on line 1102
  • HUD print dialog shows page rendering message
  • Removed parenthesis from lines 303 and 603 when negative
  • Fixed F6 problem for amount fields on page 1
  • Fixed spelling and punctuation typo on page 1

Scanning and Archiving

  • Drag and drop stamps in scanning
  • Scan can now import PDFs

How to get the Update

If you have already upgraded your installation to TurboTitle 5.1, updating to the April build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater.

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