January TurboTitle Update

The January release ( includes the following updates:

  • Create Simplifile packages from previously scanned documents
  • Combine and arrange many PDF’s to create a single PDF
  • Added F6 support to HUD Line 703
  • Fixed an issue with F6 playback
  • Improved HUD page clearing
  • Set Underwiters as active or inactive
  • Added Water Rights Todo items
  • Fixed an issue in scan indexing

How to get the Update

If you have already upgraded your installation to TurboTitle 5.1, updating to the January build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater.

Update to TurboTitle 5.1

This update requires TurboTitle 5.1, which included several database changes. To update to TurboTitle 5.1, call us to schedule an appointment.  The 5.1 update requires a database upgrade which will require all users to be out of Turbo.

See the complete update notes for TurboTitle 5.1

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