19 January 2024 – 2401.3.1.6146

  • Vestings:
    • Fix for separating commitment and policy vestings not saving the commitment vesting when first created.
    •  Fix for VestingCommitment merge code coming up blank when the Commitment Vesting contains two empty lines.  It will display the “Vesting” field as expected.
  • Order Setup:  Added cell phone to Additional Parties list
  • Customer Individual: 
    • Added Default Order Notes & Default Underwriter options.
    • Default Notes are added to the Order Notes when the CustInd is selected in the Ordered By Attn field. Default notes will also post if they exist in the associated company setup.
    • Customer Individual Default Underwriter will override the default setting in the associated customer setup.
  • Security: The ability to change the Search Type in Order Setup is controlled now in Full File Control. Previously was in Marketing.
  • DocDesigner: Added ‘CompanyAuthorizedSigner’ that can be inserted as a merge code. To use:
    • Step 1: Load a signature file that has been created in JPG format by going to Maintenance/Preferences/Global Settings tab then click ‘Load Authorized Signer’ button. Hint: Make sure the signature loaded is in a size that will display in the desired size on the document(s).
    • Step 2: Add to any document from DocDesigner. The field is found in Company merge codes under Company/CompanyAuthorizedSigner
    • NOTE: The loaded file is saved in the repository directory with the name ‘Company Authorized Signer.JPG’
    • Added EndoFee merge code. Pulls the fee for that endorsement into the merge code. For this to work the endorsement must be printed from Turbo Policy Print.
    • Merging date entries (i.e. 09/15/23) is now more flexible. Now can convert properly to a printed date (i.e. September 15th, 2020) from dates entires like 9/1/23 or 9/1/2023 or 9/15/23.
    • Added Edit Header option. 
    • Added New Merge Code ‘CompanyAltaID’;
    • Additional Parties merge codes will bring in the matching additional parties data for these fields:
      • The data returned is in this format: Name, Email, Cell
      • Field Pairings are:
        • Lender ties to Lender  (LN – LN2)
        • Broker to Broker (BR – BR2)
        • Attorney to Attorney (AT – AT2)
        • Buyer’s Agent to Buyer’s Agent (SA & BuyAgent to SA2)
        • Seller’s Agent to Seller’s Agent (LA & SelAgent to LA2)
    • LenderInsuredWording merge code now populates in this order:
      • 1 – From Policy Insure As field
      • 2 – From Lender Insure As field
      • 3 – Lender Name field
      • NOTES: ‘Lender Insured Wording’ in Turbo Policy auto populates when Turbo Policy Lender Insured Wording field is blank and the TurboPolicy form is shown. This back fills the field for files prior to AutoPopulation. It also occurs on the click event of  frmOrderSetup.RzDBButtonEdit3ButtonClick and others (Select Company) which can change the field.
  • EndoManager:
    • Select Endorsements list now shows more data fields (Type &  Organization)
    • Select Endorsements search box can now find any data listed. It also has ‘Next’ & ‘Prev’ buttons
    • The notes now copy to the endos listed in the file.


  • 1099 Printing: Fixed issue where PDF merges 1099’s would only print to the window default printer
  • Main Screen: Todo notes were fixed to overcome a problem that Adobe PDF viewers cause. When a PDF is embedded in a Todo the user can double click the PDF to view it. as long as the viewer doesn’t attempt to put the note into edit mode. As some todos, i.e. a completed ones, can not be edited by some users and Adobe viewers always edit the PDF which causes the system to need to update the database. This has been fixed. NOTE: When viewing a PDF in a todo from the main screen the user is not allowed to save an edited PDF and have it saved back to the todo
  • DocArchive bug fix: In some cases a ‘document not found’ error was thrown when attempting to view a PDF or add to an email. This has been resolved.
  • Main Menu Updates
    • Apps:
      • Now contains only tools that are used with the current file
      • Renamed ‘Scan’ to ‘Historical Tiff Viewer’
      • Moved ‘Change Login Password’ to the File menu
    • Reports: 
      • Moved Original reports to submenu ‘Code Reference Lists’
      • Added new Escrow Officer Client Report 
      • Moved ‘File List’ by Important Dates here from Apps
      • Moved ‘Client List’ here from Apps
    • Added ‘Search’ Menu
      • Moved searching options here from Apps
      • Moved ‘Find Order’, ‘Property Search’ here from File menu.
    • Added ‘Tools’ Menu 
      • Moved not file specific app to tools
        • Amortization Calculator
        • Audit
        • Calculator
        • Contacts
        • Order Filter Setup
        • Planner
        • Todo List
  • 1099: Added 2024 Tax Year
  • Realtor titles are now changed 
    • Listing Agent is now Seller’s Agent
    • Selling Agent is now Buyer’s Agent
  • Turbo Policy:
    • Speeds up inserting/deleting exceptions
    • Lender Insured Wording field now auto-populates.
  • New File Number: Made some adjustments to how errors are handled. An exception showed a message which left the FileNo table locked if the user didn’t shut it down.

Closing Disclosure  – Version 2401.4.0.6146

  • Fix for calculating UW check percentage amount


06 December 2023 – 2312.2.1.6146

  • Security/Employee Admin: Added link to view security help file.
  • PDF Software Updated
    • PDF Manager: Now loads from file as copy so PDF is not held open.
  • Check Entry form: Window title changed to Disbursements
  • Security:  Closing Disclosure access now limited by ‘TurboEscrow’ Security Option
  • Reconciliation:
    • Fixed issue with the reconciliation report directory not always being correct.
    • Now Open Files Report and Void Report are automatically created on closing or selecting ‘Create Recon Reports’.
    •  Removed unnecessary tabs on form ‘Bank’ & ‘Checks & Ind. Receipts’
  • Vestings: (NOTE: Help file for Vesting changes resides now in Turbo Title) All vestings are now available on the Borrower/Seller tabs of Order Setup. In a purchase, there will be a Policy Vesting on the Buyer Tab, and a Commitment Vesting available on the Seller tab.  When there are no sellers on the order, the Borrower Tab will have a “Vesting” that will be placed on both the Commitment and Policy.  There is also an option to separate that into distinct Commitment and Policy Vestings.  It will also have the optional Post-Policy Commitment.
    A Post-Policy Vesting can also be added on the Borrower/Buyer tab.  It is available for Warranty Deeds or on conveyances by using the ~<VestingPostPolicy> merge field.
    Use of these fields is optional.  You may continue adding vesting using Turbo Policy if desired.  These are two views of the same vesting — changes in one place will apply to the other location.  New merge fields are available for your templates using the new naming of <VestingCommitment> and <VestingPolicy> in place of the <Vesting> and <BuyerVesting> merge fields respectively, but they function identically and changes on your part are not required. 
  • Merge Fields: Several merge fields have been renamed to make vestings easier to work with when creating templates.  Notes about these changes are available in the Merge Fields form under Deprecated Fields.
  • Turbo Policy:
    • In the ‘Setout’ tab the ‘Endos By Reference’ Tab. This is now handled with the Endo Manager.
    • Package Manager now will save package template name in the list without the path if the documents are in the same folder as the package file. This allows for moving files to different directories without the need to rebuild the package.
  • Order setup: The Buyer/Seller tab has been reworked to better position the Vesting fields.
  • DocDesigner: Added Prompt List combo box to Turbo Doc Fields. List is created in Preferences/Global/‘Edit Prompt List’ button. List reloads each time the Fields form shows. The dropdown arrow is hidden if the ‘PromptFields.LST’ file is not found in the shared repository as PromptFields.LST. This is to help reusing the same prompt fields name so they can be consistent through the document.
  • Foreign File Import: Update Ask/Title Wave File. Now loads Buyers/Sellers. Also bring in Legal/Exception/Requirements that have extra CR/LF within the text. Also refreshes Exceptions/Requirements after load.
  • UW Rates:
    • Updates Old Republic Utah Rate
    • Adds WestCor Mississippi rate
  • Checks: Fixed issue where printed word amount may be off by a penny
  • File Copy: Allows now adds simplified process for copying of a file to a new file. 
  • TurboDoc: New Merge Codes Added: UnderWriterStreet1, UnderWriterStreet2, UnderWriterCityStateZip
  • UW Rates: Adds WFG Rates
  • Closing Disclosure – 2306.28.0.6146:
    • Negative amounts entered in Aggregate adjustment will stay negative and not be displayed as credits.
    • Adds F6 for commissions percentage
    • Alta Statement will state Net for commissions when applied
  • Order Setup: The Property list legal editor now has the option of creating a legal description by using a template. New options added:
    • Create Template Button. Requires Doc Designer security level to access.
    • Drop down box to show Legal Template List.
    • Play Button posts the legal description based on the legal template selected in the Legal List box.
    • Refresh Legals button that will load newly created templates in the list
    • NOTE: The legal description templates are stored in the \Templates\Legal Templates directory. The list is populated by any and all Turbo Title templates listed there.
  • DocArchive: Launch Default Viewer now will create a unique filename if the original filename has already been created and can’t be deleted.
  • HUD: Fixes ‘File not Found HUD1’ issue with selecting only pages that aren’t actual HUD pages and then attempting to Create PDF. 
  • Main Screen: Notes now have a zoom option. It is only a zoom and does not affect font sizes for other users.

06 Jun 2023  – 2305.5.0.6146

  • Reconciliation: 
    • Added the ability to print all reports at one time. The ability to save to PDF has also been implemented for all reports. See ‘Create Recon Reports’. 
    • NOTE: When closing the reconciliation all reports are automatically created as PDFs as well as one report that combines all reports.
    • Added button, ‘View Recon Reports’, which takes you to the directory where closed reconciliation reports are stored as PDFs.
    • The Trial balance amount is auto loaded when printing the 3-way reconciliation report.
    • Added a button to load the trial balance amount. See the ‘Get Trial Balance’ button.
    • NOTE: During the reconcile closure reconciliation all reports are saved as PDFs in this directory (T:\Reports\Reconciliation\YYYYMMYY);
  • Turbo Policy: 
    • Adds a new feature that will save exceptions/requirements to a named list. That list can then be selected when adding exceptions to a file to add them to the list. This new feature is presented in a new toolbar below the current toolbar for adding verbiage to the exception/requirement list.
    • The Exception List, etc, now allows multi-select for deleting multiple exceptions at once. Use mouse clicks with shift or ctrl to select desired entries. Pressing the arrow keys without holding hold shift or ctrl will unselect all.
    • Added  ‘Refresh List Sequence Numbers’ to Setout Menu
    • Adds Commitment Revision Date field
    • Adds Vesting Date field
    • Now only adds Endorsements that are not listed as By Reference to print packages. 
  • File Copy: Re-enabled the ability to type in a file number into the CopyTo File box as long as the File Copy box is checked.
  • Endo Manager/Turbo Policy:
  • The merge code for endorsements by reference printing (EndosByReference, EndosByReferenceFill) now rely on the data from the EndoManager if it is in use. This takes the place of the ‘Endos By Ref’ Tab in Turbo Policy Setout. 
    • Additional fields in the Endorsement list under UnderWriter Setup must be setup before this will behave properly. 
    • RefBy Field: Needs to be checked for Endorsements that will be listed by Reference.
    • ByReferenceWording: Can be filled in to complete the wording used in the merge codes. 
    • The endorsements by reference will be listed in the following pattern:
    •     EndoName (ByReferenceWording) 
    • So for example you may see  the following:
      • 22-06 (Location)
      • 9-06 (Restrictions, Easements, Minerals
  • TurboDoc: Added MergeCodes for Split Closing EscrowOfficer and EscrowOfficerAsst
  • Employee Setup: Added Fax Number
  • Underwriter Setup: Added Endorsement Search Box
  • Endo Manager: Added Endorsement Search Box
  • Endorsements: Added new fields, ‘ReferenceBy’, ‘ReferencyByWording’
  • Main Screen: Alt+F1 now starts support.turbotitle.com

27 Apr 2023 – 2304.1.2.6145  *Requires Database Update

  • Startup: On startup the main screen displays more quickly
  • Legal copy: Now returns to active file after copy
  • Rate Calc: Updates Policy rates for April 2023 for Stewart, Fidelity, Commonwealth & Chicago
  • Invoice:
    • Adds new options for locating files that are designated as a Billing file. Click the ‘Show Billing Files’ button on the toolbar to activate. Once activated a side window will open showing the files that are designated as Billing files and have no associated invoices yet created. Also , two new additional buttons are added to the Toolbar. ‘Refresh Billing Files’ will reload billing files without invoices. ‘Remove File Billing Status’ removes the file’s Billing Status. Also above the Billing File List is a search box that can be used to locate files in the list.
      NOTE: Once an invoice is added to a file or the billing status is removed the user must click the ‘Refresh Billing Files’ to update the Billing file List.
    • Adds Department name to show billing files
    • New invoices will default to BillTo customer if one exists. Otherwise it will set billing to OrderedBy
    • Added Preview option on printing
    • Added OrderedBy and Dept to Show Billing
    • Selected Customer can be deleted on an invoice
    • File navigation can be done by double clicking a file on the Show Billing grid
    • Added OrderedByAttn fields to Billing Files grid
    • Added OrderDate & OrderType to ‘Show Billing Files’ list
  • Order Setup:
    • Adds SalesPerson2 to split closings.
    • When selecting OrderByAttn if the assigned Default Escrow officer has an assigned Escrow Assistant the Assistant is now also assigned.
    • Added Billing Checkbox. This allows for the invoicing system to locate files that need to be Invoiced. The Billing checkbox is set automatically by selecting an  Order File Type that is designated as a billing file type (See Reference Below). Also Customers/CustomerIndividuals now have an option in the Defaults in the setup forms to set the file as a billing file. If such a Customer/CustInd is added to the file in OrderedBy or BillTo the file is also set as a billing file.
  • Todo: Fixes dragging from DocArchive issue
    • Now allows for linking a Document in DocArchive.
      • To link a document name from the DocArchive drag the document name from the DocArchive grid and drop to anywhere on the todo edit screen. Once the link is made a reference to that document is underneath the exception display page. Clicking that link will then open DocArchive and show that document based ‘Auto Display’ settings.
  • Turbo Policy: Added Submitted Date to ‘View Remittance Data’
  • Order Type: Order Type can now be set as a Billing File Type. See the ‘Set as billing file’ checkbox in Order Type setup under the Maintenance Menu.

08 Mar 2023 – 2303.2.0.6145 – Requires Database Update

  • Order Setup: Added Billing Checkbox. This allows for the invoicing system to locate files that need to be Invoiced. The Billing checkbox is set automatically by selecting an  Order File Type that is designated as a billing file type (See Reference Below). Also Customers/CustomerIndividuals now have an option in the Defaults in the setup forms to set the file as a billing file. If such a Customer/CustInd is added to the file in OrderedBy or BillTo the file is also set as a billing file.
  • Order Type: Order Type can now be set as a Billing File Type. See the ‘Set as billing file’ checkbox in Order Type setup under the Maintenance Menu.
  • Invoice: Adds new options for locating files that are designated as a Billing file. Click the ‘Show Billing Files’ button on the toolbar to activate. Once activated a side window will open showing the files that are designated as Billing files and have no associated invoices yet created. Also , two new additional buttons are added to the Toolbar. ‘Refresh Billing Files’ will reload billing files without invoices. ‘Remove File Billing Status’ removes the file’s Billing Status. Also above the Billing File List is a search box that can be used to locate files in the list.
    NOTE: Once an invoice is added to a file or the billing status is removed the user must click the ‘Refresh Billing Files’ to update the Billing file List.
  • DocArchive: Updated merge error message

17 Feb 2023 – 2302.1.0.6144

  • DocPrep: Added Final Policy Menu Option. Allows saving PDF to UW directory and adding to DocArchive at one time.
  • CustIND: Added search by email address
  • FeeCheck: When sending a check to the Fee Check creator, the check in the file is set as a revenue check when sent. This fixes an issue where some checks are created manually rather than using the worksheet. 
  • CD: Commissions Auto-Calculate when the sales price is updated.  
    • By default, it will calculate gross commissions.
    • To use Net, click the gear icon then select “Net” in the “Comm Type” drop down.
    • To disable auto updates, click the gear icon then check the “Lock Fee” check box.
    • Adds Pops up to explain the new changes in Auto-Updating commissions

13 Jan 2023 – 2301.1.0.6144

  • Department Tracking: Now uses tbEmployeeFilter table to look up names. Fixes issue where inactive employee names don’t show.
  • DocArchive: Drag and drop was not working with PDF Filenames containing an apostrophe. This has been fixed.
  • CustInd Setup: Added City & State to Customer lookup
  • CustInd Setup: Added option to search/sort by last name, first name

03 Jan 2023 – 2212.3.0.6144

  • 1099: Adds 2023 tax year for 1099s
  • Implemented more flexible filename Sanitization 

06 Dec 2022 – 2212.1.0.6144

  • General File Search: Added Index Selection on Parties Customer Search
  • SpellCheck: Added Metacode to allow for dictionaries to be brought to a local drive. 

29 Nov  2022 –  2211.2.2.6144

  • Labels: Added more print labels. (Buyer, Seller, Lender)
  • DocArchive
    • SanitizeFileName, IsValidFileName: Added more characters that are not valid. Helps with exporting files where files names are not valid in Windows
    • Modified ‘Rename’ to catch invalid file names.
    • Fixed issue where some PDFs has font spacing issues
  • Positive Pay
    • Fix bug in recreate Zions format
    •  Added only adding checks with Cleared=False to the create list
  • UW Rates: Added NATIC rates for Mississippi
  • Turbo Policy 
    • Added exception attachment option: ‘Attach Current File PDF’
    • Added exception attachment option: ‘Attach Current File PDF Hyperlink’
    • Renamed ‘Attach PDF Hyperlink’ as ‘Attach CC&R PDF Hyperlink’
    • Renamed ‘Attach PDF File’ as ‘Attach Current File PDF’
    • CD: Fixes access violation adding lines to cost details.

15 Aug 2022 – 2208.2.0.6144

  • DBUpdate: 6.144
  • CustInd: CRM Info tab:
    • Added Goto file on FileNo click
    • New Contacts default Employee to the login user
  • DocArchive: added new error messaging 
  • Transaction Search: Escrow Officer is now limited to active employees
  • Positive Pay: Central Bank format tweak
  • Rate Calc: Stewart rate tweak 

14 Jul 2022 – 2207 .2.0.6143

  • Rate Calc: Stewart July 2022 Rates Added
  • Rate Compare: Added Refi Options
  • Positive Pay: Central Bank Format Update
  • Turbo Policy: ‘Stewart Access’ button re-captioned to ‘Stewart CPLs & Jackets’
  • Westcor Companion (2204.1.0.0): Updated Tempdir to match change in Turbo Title. Adds ‘TTW\’ to Temp directory
  • Hopper, New Feature: A user can request a file to be searched is assigned to them.
    • The purpose is to create a list of new file specifications where a searcher may grab a file that needs to be searched.
    • Requires set up prior to use. Please contact us for help.
    • A New button ‘Get Search File’ is in Quick Departments ‘Click to Open Options’
  • Policy Print: Fixed potential error where the ‘Preview’ button can be clicked but no response happens.
  • Main Screen: Fixed Error: Failed to retrieve tab at index -1. 

22 Apr 2022 – 2204.2.0.6143

  • CRM Manager: Integrated into Turbo Title
  • Disbursment: Added ‘Exchange Detail’ report option
  • Show Open Files: Report now shows Buyer/Seller names
  • TurboMail:
    • Improves handling of From/ReplyTo options
    • From/ReplyTo now only show active employees
  • Foreign File Import:
    • Now can import ASK files. Added some new import fields for loading. 
  • 1099: Added Current Tax Year field to IRS file creation setup
  • TiffHist: Now prints all selected pages.

Bugs Fixes

  • Todo types: Fixes Description  showing only ‘ (Memo)’
  • OrderSetup: Fixed 5041 error when moving buyer/seller names by drag and drop.

2203.1.7.6143 – March 25, 2022

NOTE:  This update replaces ‘Scan’ with a view only option. All new scanning  needs to be done now in DocArchive. ‘Scan’ is now referred to as TiffHist (Tiff History).

  • Performance: Performance improvements throughout the system including DocArchive.
  • 1099: Create File. Tax year wasn’t always matching the selected tax year on the 1099 list
  • TurboDoc: Added merge code ‘LenderInsuredWording’ with layers
    1. PolicyLenderInsureAs is checked first and used if data exists.
    2. LN_LenderInsureAs will be used if no PolicyLenderInsureAs data is available.

CD Version 2203.16.1.6143

  • CD: “Funds for Borrower” is calculated automatically when Loan Amount is greater than the sales price.  Any amount entered into “Closing Cost Financed” will be deducted from “Fund for Borrower”

02 Jan 2022 – 2202.1.0.6143

  • TurboDoc: 
    • Added merge code ‘LenderInsuredWording’ with layers
      • 1. Merges text in TurboPolicy LenderInsureAs Field
      • 2. If the above is blank then data merged is the text in Lender party LenderInsureAs Field

30 Jan 2022 – 2201.1.4.6143

  • 1099:
    • Updated IRS File format for 2021
    • Fixes repetitive form printing 
    • Audit Mode: Double clicking Audit file will switch system to that FileNo
  • TurboPolicy:
    • Fixes issue where calling EndoManager/Add Endos errors out from OrderSetup if TurboPolicy hasn’t been opened prior.
    • Updated merge code ‘OPolFormDesc’ to say 2021 forms
  • Closing Disclosure:
    • Settlement Statement handles wide company logos better.
    • FileNo on bottom of screen updates correctly.
    • Removes mostly empty top bar.
    • Fixes error sending CD to DocArchive
    • Fixes Old Republic Non-residential standard rate.

22 Nov 2021 2111.1.3.6143  ** Database Update***

  • DocPrep:
    • Fixes issue with ‘EndoFeesOwner’ merge code when amount is over 999.99
    • Improves issues keeping current document available when printing/viewing other documents 
    • Adds Fields for POBox Fields, Also OfficeCityStateZip, POBoxCityStateZip
    • Fixed TitleOfficerEmail merge code
  • CustIND:
    • CRM issue fixed where CustInd with same name as on another Customer shows the same Order Count totals
    • CRM Adds Last order taken FileNo
    • added checkbox for Broker/Manager
  • PDFManager: Updated viewer
  • Turbo Policy: Policy Types will only include types that apply to active underwriters
  • Office:
    • New Form for editing Office
    • Adds PO Box address
  • CD Updates:
    • CD: Purpose now set when a purchase, refi, or construction Order Type is detected.
    • CD: Bank is set if the Escrow Officer only has one bank.
    • CD: Fixes missing Cost Details Total label
    • CD: Property Tax IDs are excluded if the “Include Address” is unchecked

22 Sep 2021- 2109.1.0.6142

  • DocPrep: Added prompt for creating New Doc when current doc has been modified
  • Todo: Notes on cancelled/completed notes can’t be edited now. Add Note does work
  • RateCalc: Handles Alliant reissue rates
  • CD: Fixes error when deleting Cost Detail Line
  • CD: Restores total display for Cost Details form
  • OrderSetup: Annual Tax amount will now handle pasted amounts with commas
  • Turbo Mail: Fixes issue where multiple images weren’t included in sent email.
  • Main: Fixed a menu spelling problem in account (Quickboos Transfer)

06 Aug 2021 – 2108.1.0.6142

  • OrderSetup: Customer Ref & Prior File fields now trim beginning and ending spaces from pasted values
  • Important Date List: Added option to filter out closed & cancelled file
  • Endo Manager: First American now calculates endos based on policy amount rather than 100% rate.
  • Disable Spell Check: Found more places that needed to be shut down
  • Script: Fixed a script issue for Department Move

28 July 2021 –  2107.3.0.6142

  • Main:
    • File Sort Order now defaults back to ‘FileNo’
    • Fixed ‘Add Note’ to make sure highlight is reset on each new note entry
    • Added other ‘Add Note’ options: ‘Title’ and ‘Escrow’. Each of these are listed under the ‘Add Note’ button in the ‘Add Note’ menu. Each of these will highlight the note in the color selected in Maintenance/Preferences/Global/{highlight colors}.
      All notes will end up in the same note window but can have different highlights to draw attention.
    • Added button to run a Script named as “Print All New Orders”. Right now this will need tech support to create desired script. This will allow for doing multiple steps when on boarding new files.
  • DocPrep: Added ‘Convert selected text to uppercase’ in Edit menu
  • EndoManager:
    • Now updates endo fees on Endo Manager form exit.
    • Fixed bug: ‘Endorsement not found’ error when changing underwriters
  • AutoLogOff:
    • Changed reset logic placement. Sometimes AutoLogOff was happening when it shouldn’t
    • Now Logs logoffs into the ActionLog
  • Merge Codes: 
    • Added ‘BuyerFirstNames’ and ‘SellerFirstNames’ merge codes.
    • BuyerSeller & SellerBuyer  merge code now properly handles the ‘/’. Removed when not needed
    • Setting a merge code to Caps and Lowers now leaves ‘and’ in all lower case.
  • Order Setup: Fixes an issue when pasting in amounts with commas into SalesPrice or LoanAmount. 
  • Checks:
    • Copy now brings AccountingTag & AccountingSystem data to the new check record
    • Added Accounting Tag (A-Tag) to check screen
  • Todo: Added Underwriter Filter
  • Maintenance: Put in an option to disable spell checking. see ‘Spell Check Disabled’ on Work Station settings tab
  • TurboPolicy: Fixed issue where Owner Subdivision Rate was not being included in rate calculations.
  • TurboPolicy: Fixes error remitting endos when EndoAmount contains commas 
  • Accounting: Adds QB Transferred Checks Report 

14 Jun 2021 – 2106.1.0.6142 

  • Quick Departments – Adds Button to Quick Departments “Options’ panel. The button will execute a TTW Script named as “Print New Orders”. Right now this will need tech support to create desired script.
  • Scripting: Added code for the beginning of TTW Scripting


  • CD: Adds “Cash Transaction” as a loan type.  Skips the Lenders Premium check to print and is noted on Alta heading.
  • Endorsements: Fixes error setting endo fees to zero if Endo Manager is not enabled
  • File Look Up: Sort by File In Department Date was restored


  • UW Rates: Fidelity/Commonwealth/Chicago rates changed delay. Most recent will continue to use the existing rates. The proposed rates are available in Underwriter Setup as the ‘August 2021’ rate. The most recent rates will be updated when the new rates are approved.


  • UW Rates: Fidelity/Commonwealth/Chicago rates changed delay. Most recent will continue to use the existing rates. The proposed rates are available in Underwriter Setup as the ‘August 2021’ rate. The most recent rates will be updated when the new rates are approved.

2104.3.1.6142 Database Update

  • Database Update: Getting ready for new features


  • Turbo Policy: Fixes issue when copying selected Exceptions, Requirements after copying vestings.


  • 1099: Fixed a problem with the ‘Send Via Turbonet’ in 1099’s. All were showing the same SSN number.
  • 1099: Added 2021 tax year
  • Main: Removed sort orders:
    • County
    • Date
    • FileInDept
    • FileInDeptDate
    • Lender
    • OrderedBy
  • Todo: Fixed an issue with column sort by LenderCode
  • Remit: Made Adjustment to TfrmPolPrint.SetRemitReady. Some entries were not being set.


  • Remit: Fixed an issue where checking if a file has been in Policy review didn’t check to make sure the department had been exited.
  • Turbo Policy: Change order of ‘View Remittance’ fields. Moved ‘ReadyToSubmit’ and ‘Submitted’  to near the front.
  • Turbo Policy: Removed inadvertently added fields ‘Construction’ and ‘OwnersSubdivision’


  • Remit: Turbo Title now adds auto setting the ‘Ready’ to submit field in Remittance to True. See the new Department selection in Maintenance / Preferences / Global Settings / ‘Setup Submit for Policy. See ‘Policy Review Dept’  at the bottom.
  • Remit: Added setting remittance ‘Ready’ field set to true.
    • Intended needs for this to set ‘Ready’ field to True:
    • 1- The Turbo Policy ‘File Received for Policy Date’ field needs a valid date. This is usually done by clicking ‘Submit for Policy’ button on Order Setup.
    • 2- The File has been in and exited the Policy Review department. This department selection must be selected in, Maintenance / Preferences / Global Settings / ‘Setup Submit for Policy’ button.
    • 3- Policies need to have a printed date in Turbo Policy (TWPol table)


  • Remit: Remittance data now recognizes Owner Endos if using Endo Manager (N – Is Owner EndoType.) This is only function if ‘Endo Manager’ has been activated in Underwriter setup.

25 Mar 2021 – 2103.2.1.6141

  • Underwriter Setup: Add ability to view endorsements manager even when the Endo Manager is not enabled. This is not intended to be used to actually add endorsement to the file and will error out if this is attempted.
  • Invoice: Added Invoice Aging Report

26 Feb 2021 – 2102.4.1.6141

  • Turbo Policy: 
    • Print Data Check now checks Jacket# and Policy Number. If either exists then the message does not happen
    • Print Data Check now checks that the Property county is assigned.
  • Todo:
    • Added LenderCode field to grid
    • Fixed County sort order error introduced.
  • Recordings: Added an option to filter the ‘Search Recordings’ report by Simplifile and added a ‘Group By Office’ option to do Totals by office. If Group By Office is selected then the printed report will show total by office. Added Office & SFRecording fields.
  • 1099
    • Show Current File Only now syncs with file change
    • Changed Current File Only to a check box
    • Batch Send Via TurboNet is now an option (See ‘Email Batch 1099 Send’)
      • NOTES: The email on the 1099 must match the user email in the file to be sent via TurboNet. Check 1099s will verify email match if ‘Send Via email’ is checked on the 1099
      • NOTES: Not using batch Send with direct Email because of security issues.
    • PDF/Printing format now move the Transferror’s Name down a little to better fit in common envelopes.
    • Added Distribution Status selection box
    • Check 1099s now verifies that the 1099 email matches the Seller Email in Order Setup
  • HUD: Fixes a bug where Disburse Worksheet may not be accurate
  • DocPrep: Fixes an issue where a book/page entry, such as 12/27, would be converted to a date of the current year. Most often see within Turbo Policy documents

01 Feb 2021 – 2101.5.0.6141

  • Rate Calc: Old Republic now gives the 115% rate for both Homeowners and Homeowners (Full).  Use Homeowners (Basic) to get the 110% rate.

28 Jan 2021 –2101.4.0.6141

  • 1099: Added option to export Audit data to CSV (Excel) format
    • Removed BuildAuditSQL from on Form Activate Event
    • Added ‘Refresh’ link button to refresh Audit SQL
  • Turbo Policy: Added button for DocArchive access.
  • Todo: Improved Todo List load times

25 Jan 2021- 2101.3.0.6141

  • FileView: Added Note Icon to Parties. Putting the cursor there shows customer notes in a hint. 
  • Todo: F5 while in the todo list will not edit the current todo rather than the file.
  • CD Build: 2101.25.0.6141
  • CD: TitleCo checks are marked as Revenue checks
  • CD: Less flickering when loading Cost Details Tab.

21 Dec 2020 – 2012.2.4.6141

  • Compare UW Rates: Fixed problem where policy type defaults were reversed. Default for Lenders is now Extended and Owners is Standard.
  • UW Rates: Alliant rate updated
  • UW Rates: First American rate updated

15 Dec 2012.2.1.6141 – 2012.2.1.6141

  • Turbo Policy: Adds ‘FilesRecForPol’ (Files Received for Policy) field in ‘Files Ready For Policy’ report grid and report output. 
  • RateCompare: Now the selected underwriter stays selected in the grid when changes are made in the Rate Compare form
  • Order Setup, Quick Departments: Added fields ‘Search Complete Target Date’ and ‘Rush Commitment Due Date’ to the grid
  • Order Grid, Order Details: Adds SearchType field to the grid

04 Dec 2020 – 2012.1.1.6141

  • DocPrep:
    • Fixes issue where the ClosingDateOrToday merge code that includes a date format code (i.e. ClosingDateOrToday/A>) can return the date of  ‘December 31, 1899’ when it should be today’s date.
  • Rate Compare:
    • Requires user to select an underwriter before applying rates. Will no longer default to the first underwriter.
    • Added 100% rate columns for Lenders & Owners
    • Adds updated rate for Alliant
    • Fixes Issue writing blank Policy Types to the file
    • Now moves curosr to the Underwriter set in the file
    • Restores setting the Refi checkbox when order type is a refinance.
  • Endo Manager:
    • Removed Message: Endorsement approval(s) Todo created. 
    • Endo Manager now calculates percentage endos from the 100% rate
  • Preferences:
    • Added the ability to shut off Turbo Policy data checking when going to print. Missing data entries ignored when set.
    • Added the ability to set a user auto log off time. See Preferences, Global tab.
  • Turbo Docs: Fixes “Index not found” error when inserting merge code with a space.
  • Security: Adds security setting ‘Email By ReplyTo’ that Turns on the ‘Set Sender same as Replyto’ checkbox in TurboMail. This allows the user to set the email sender as the employee selected in ‘ReplyTo’.
  • Turbo Mail:  Adds a checkbox to allow the ‘Replyto’ Email address to also be the Sender email address.
  • Todo:
    • Now limits Query result to TOP 500 records for speed enhancement
    • Some optimization of initial loading

02 Nov 2020 – 2011.1.1.6140

  • Rate Calc: Made adjustments to handling Refi’s. Now only turns on/off Refi check box automatically when the Order Type is changed.

29 Oct 2020 – 2010.3.1.6140

  • Transaction Search: Now adds Escrow Officer in results and report

28 Oct 2020 – 2010.2.5.6140

  • Rate Calc 
    • Westcor subdivision rates added
    • Westcor Junior rates added
  • Rate Compare: Replaced ‘Order Type’ with ‘Refinance’ checkbox. Allows more flexibility in rate calculations. 
  • Main Screen: Added ‘Prior File’ field Quick Departments Tab
  • Turbo Policy: Added ‘Refinance’ Check box in Rate Info
  • Check Entry: 
    • Adds a drop down on payee with Parties, Company & Buyer/Seller options that can be selected as the payee
    • Restores tab movement into check stub to initially go the the ‘Description’ column
  • DocArchive: File Import now defaults to the current tab
  • UWSetup: Endorsement editor adjustment. No longer modal but does stay on top. Opens to a larger screen for editing endorsements.
  • UWSetup: Fixed an error when selecting an underwriter could return an error: ‘Underwriter rate table must be configured’. 
  • EndoRates: 
    • Rate Calculation was updated to properly reflect internal rate calculations.
    • Endo List now updates properly when endorsements are removed
  • Todo: Fixes error: ‘Todo Type Error: Index not found’. This happens when unchecking/Checking a Todo Filter type, after a Todo Type definition is removed. 

07 Oct 2020 – 2009.4.1.6140

  • Main Screen:  Added Disbursement toolbar button
  • TurboMail: Added PlayMacro to menu under options
  • PDF Manager: Fixes Issue where manager always printed to the windows default printer instead of the selected printer.
  • Main Form: Lock Status panel now adds: ‘Unlocked until (date time)’ message
  • Checks: 
    • Transaction dates can now be changed after printing but before they are cleared.
    • Transactions set as Wired can be changed to ACH and visa-versa after printing but before they are cleared. Changing Transaction date and Wired/ACH status  available after printing to those with Accounting as part of security level.
    • Now disables ‘Close’ button until form show initialization is complete. This fixes ‘OnShow on Hide’ error.
    • Check Detail Grid is now static
  • File Lock: Those with ‘File Lock Control’ security access are no longer asked to override.
  • Turbo Policy:
    • Adds ‘Refresh Report’ options to the ‘File Ready for Report’ report.
    • Copy Parts is now a modal screen.
  • Rate Calc: Adds underwriter rate updates

CD Version 2010.1.0.6140

  •  Fix for error message when policies were missing
  •  Checks that Owners and Lenders policies have been added for the side(s) you are closing.  Will give a notice when opening the print screen if the premium is not entered.
  • Adds option to reset the check types if they were not created correctly. Available in CD worksheet.

10 Sep 2020  –  2009.1.5.6140

  • NEW: Submit for Policy Button
    • Added an option to enable the new ‘Submit for Policy’ button in OrderSetup. To enable goto  ‘Maintenance’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Global Settings’. Then click the ‘Setup Submit for Policy’ button. The intent of this button is to be able to ensure that certain criteria have been met before allowing a file to be submitted for policy.
  • DocArchive:
    • Added ‘Copy Global Documents to File’ option. Right click on the documents list grid for menu.
    • Update provides display improvement for some PDFs viewing in reverse
  • Manage Endos:
    • Added ‘Delete All Endos’ menu item
    • NEW: Standard Endo Lists can now be created. The Lists can be created in ‘Maintenance’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Global Settings’. See buttons for ‘Edit… Endos’. Three options are available: ‘Standard’ , ‘Standard Condo’, ‘Standard PUD’
    • Added Standard Endo Buttons to ‘Manage Endo’ form
    • Order Setup: Added support for Standard Endo Lists buttons
    • Turbo Policy: Added support for Standard Endo Lists buttons
  • Quick Departments Tab: Added SellerDisclosureDate Field
  • Main Screen: Added to File Sort Order ‘FileInDeptDate’. This will be most useful in Quick Department so users can sort by when an order entered a department.
  • Closing Disclosure
    • Fixes issue with check Type creation
    • Prevents unintentional changes to drop down values caused by scroll wheel
    • Prevents duplicate addendum items in worksheet in some cases after a database crash
    • Fixes Lookup Table Error and Paid By Others Check No drop down
    • Paid by others amounts will be available in the worksheet.
    • Fixes issue where Bank No drop down showed all banks, rather than only those assigned to the escrow officer
    • Fixes “Record is not unique” error.
  • Todo:
    • Added ‘File In Department Employee’ as DeptEmp to grid
    • Added the ability to undo a Completed or Cancelled todo. The user must have ‘TodoDelete’ security privilege
    •  Added logging to Complete/Cancel and Undo of Complete/Cancel.
  • Property:  Added ‘Vacant Land Res’, ‘Vacant Land Comm’
  • Rate Comparison:
    • Displays order type to determine if rate type is Refi
    • Fixed issue that Sales Price, Loan Amount would not allow decimals
    • Changed label on Commercial to Non-Residential
    • If Property has not been assigned a State then the State of the Office assigned to the file will be used to generate the State used in the premium calculation.
  • Underwriter Rate Calc Updates:
    • First American
      • Adds Standard 50% Rate
      • Refi requires Residential 1-4
      • Junior requires Residential 1-4
    • Fidelity
      • Refi requires Residential 1-4
    • Old Republic
      • Refi requires Residential 1-4
      • Lender Expanded requires Residential 1-4
      • Lender Extended requires Residential 1-4
      • Lender Short Form requires Residential 1-4
      • Junior requires Residential (1-4 , 5+, or Vacant Land)
      • Adds ‘Homeowner Full’ for use when removing standard exceptions
  • DocDesigner: Fixes a bug where Employee EscrowOfficePhone merge code would only populate from the HUD
  • Turbo Policy:
    • Lenders Policy Rate combo Box, Owners Policy Rates combo box & Premium Rates group box are now all hidden when a new Underwriter rate type is selected and we strongly suggest all companies make sure that the New Premium Rates in Underwriter setup are turned on by selecting a ‘Rate Type’ in the combo box.
    • Added Owners Policy Type ‘Homeowners (Full)’
    • Auto populating the Estate Interest field now uses the case as indicated by the ‘ESTATE.LST’ file.

01 Jul 2020 – 2006.5.0.6140

  • Invoice: Adds ‘Paid Reports’. Allows for EscrowOfficer, SalesPerson paid invoice totals.

25 Jun 2020 – 2006.4.0.6140

  • Underwriter Rate Compare/Select: Field tab order updated
  • Preferences: Added Showing TempDir button
  • Invoice: Added Report for Escrow Officer/Sales Person totals of paid invoices
  • CD Printing: Brings back closer.  It is optional.  The default escrow officer for the transaction side will still be printed when closer is blank.  A buyer side and seller side closer is planned for a future update.

19 Jun 2020 – 2006.3.0.6140

  • Scan: IMPORTANT: Now by default scan is set to ReadOnly as it is being phased out. This means that scanning, import, deletion and modification are disabled. View, export and printe are still available.
    • NOTE: Scan can be re-enabled in Preferences. We suggest strongly moving out of using scanning as it will be forced out in the future. If there are still issues with DocArchive please let us know.
  • DocArhive: Fixed an error recently introduced that caused the error when Emailing a document from DocArchive.
  • TurboDoc: Fixed issue with DocSigName merge codes. It was not adding the signer title when needed.
  • TurboDoc: Added better error handling when Acknowledgment default Templates were missing. 
  • CheckPrint: Is now explicitly on top of Checks.

09 June 2020 – 2006.1.0.6140

    • CD Checks: Buyer, Seller, and Payoff Check Number assignments are defaulted to their respective checks automatically
    • CD Escrow Officer: The Escrow officer will now always be taken from the Order Setup.
    • CD Printing:
      • Buyer and seller side escrow officers will print on their respective CDs when the internal split EOs are used.
      • Prepaid Interest line will display on the Settlement Statement when zero, if there is a daily interest amount entered.
      • Fixes issue where Cost Details may not print more than 17 items per section

20 May 2020 – 2005.2.0.6140

  • DocArchive: Once started Highlighting remains on until user turns it off
  • Checks: Added user warning to finish Todos with ‘Funds Verification’ before printing checks. 
  • Department Move: Adds check box to allow for employee name searching
  • TNDocUpload: Now remembers its location
  • FileView: Properity ID display was widened

06 May 2020 – 2004.10.1.6140

  • DocArchive:
    • Scanning improved
    • Scan progress messaging added
    • Fixed an issue where PDF’s lost the doc type when dropped
    • Files dropped now will be forced to being in a Department
    • Adds Zoom panel hints
  • Underwriter: Adds North American Utah rates and an update for Commonwealth Utah rates.
  • TurboPolicy/UWSetup: Adds the ability to print Endorsements listed in Underwriter setup. Requires use of Endorsements Manager. Please call for setup and training.
  • Record: Form is no longer modal
  • Turbo Policy: Added GotoFile in the ‘File Ready for Policy’ report. There are two options. Use the side menu or double click the file in the grid.
  • DocDesigner: Added Merge Code Field Street_PropID
    • Does the following:
      • A single Parcel file displays like this:
      • 481 S 400 E (04-069-0003)
      • A multiple parcel file displays like this:
      • 481 S 400 E (04-069-0003), 501 S 400 E (04-069-0004), etc

15 Apr 2020 – 2004.4.0.6140

  • NEW: Added Underwriter Rate Compare tool. Requires Underwriter Setup form has a Rate Type selected.
  • DocDesigner: Fixed an issue where BuyerLastName/SellerLastName merges codes would return the mergecode name rather than blanks when the Buyer or Seller had no names in the file.
  • Turbo Policy: Added rates for Chicago Title Utah, Westcor Colorado

8 Apr 2020 – 2004.2.0.6140 



    • Adds the ability to split a PDF document into multiple documents based on bookmarks that exist in the document. See the ‘Split into multiple PDFs by Bookmarks’ menu option. NOTE: This is helpful when sending documents to Pavaso.
    • Adds a ‘Launch Default Viewer‘ option to the menu. Highlight the document to view and then click ‘Launch Default Viewer’ to view the document in the windows default PDF viewer.



    • When ‘Show Unapproved Only’  is active and another user completes a Todo the Todo positioning returns to the correct active Todo.

31 Mar 2020 – 2003.9.1.6140

  • Simplifile DocArchive: Updated package naming an now includes last names for easier file identification. Also, fixes system lock up issue when attempting to record a simplifile package where the file contain a long last name for the buyer/seller
  • TurboDoc: Fixed White Text naming. Misspelled ‘reg’ fields are now ‘req’

27 Mar 2020 – 2003.9.0.6140

  • Department Move: The auto email now supplies more file data and is more readable.
  • 1099: Record movement is faster now when not in Creation mode.
  • DocArchive: Scan crop rate now offers a bigger range of numbers.
  • Todo: Approval now sends an enhanced email including notes.

25 Mar 2020 – 2003.8.0.6140

  • Policy Print: Now remembers form size
  • Turbo Mail: Adds menu item Options/Set Default Font
  • Turbo Mail: Adds menu items File/New

24 Mar 2020 – 2003.7.0.6140

  • DocDesigner: Add ability to add trailing spaces to WhiteTextSig Fields.
  • DocArchive: Document Grid now shows active document in bold text 
  • Buyer/Seller Names: Resolves some issue with Buyer/Seller Names with spaces within the first, middle or last name. Names with underscores for Jr. etc are no longer needed.

18 Mar 2020 –  2003.6.1.6140

  • DocDesigner:
    • Added merge code ‘WhiteTextNotarySig’ for Notarize.com. (Under Company – Employee)
    • Added merge codes for Buyer/Seller signature white text

17 Mar 2020 – 2003.6.0.6140

  • Notarize.com Added signature white text formatting for notary.com. Added in SigBlocks. Allows Notarize.com to find Buyer/Seller signature locations and dates.
  • DocDesigner: Added field ‘WhiteTextNotarySig’ for Notarize.com in Employee merge codes. Allows Notarize.Com to find where the notary signatures will go.
  • TurboPolicy: Updated recording data updating exceptions. Fields now found even if preceded by other prompt data. Example: Before would only find ‘date’ now will find ‘date’ in ‘TD_Date’.
  • DocArchive: Simplifile recording packages names are now DA-{fileno}-{BuyerLastName}-{no}. ie. DA-10008-Jones-1
  • DocArchive: Moving cursor off of the documents list will stop the list from mouse wheel scrolling. Also, once the mouse is over the Viewer the viewer will mouse wheel scroll. Currently to wheel scroll on thumbnails the user has to click on a thumbnail first. Working on a change for that issue. If a thumbnail is click then a click to the PDF viewer is required to re-enable wheel scrolling.

 13 Mar 2020 – 2003.5.1.6140

  • RecordEdit: Updated EntryNo field to allow characters

11 Mar 2020 – 2003.5.0.6140

  • TurboPolicy: Effective Date & Time for Owners & Lenders policies now can be loaded from Recording Info.
    • Recording Data needs to exist in the Recording Screen for this to be available.
    • Using Simplifile in TurboTitle will load data to Recording.
  • Database Info: Updated for more clarity

10 Mar 2020 – 2003.3.0.6140

  • OrderSetup: ‘Closing Which Sides’ selection is now disabled in Split closing mode
  • FileView: ‘Closing Type’ Added
  • Order Grid: Added ‘Order Type’, ‘Closing Type’
  • Order Details: Added ‘Order Type’, ‘Closing Type’
  • Todo Edit: Changed ‘View Exception’ shortcut to Ctrl-Alt-E
  • Attachment Viewer: Shortcut change to Ctrl-Alt-A
  • TurboPolicy: Date/RecordingDate now pulled to exceptions spelled out from recordings

09 Mar 2020 – 2003.2.0.6140

    • TurboPolicy: Added options for MERS wording to exceptions in ‘Add Recording Data’ Menu
    • CD: Bookmarks of each included document are added to generated PDFs.
    • CD Dev: CD logging enabled, but logs now clean themselves up.
    • CustIND: CRM Tab now offers column sorts
    • FileView: Now hides hidden files properly

04 Mar 2020- 2003.1.0.6140

  • TurboPolicy: Exceptions now allow for adding existing Recording Data & File Data.
    • Exception prompt recognition is not case sensitive and removes all characters that are not in the alphabet.
      • Date, Dated, DocDate, DocumentDate = recording ‘DocDate’
      • RecordDate, Recorded, Record = recording ‘RecDateTime’
      • Entry, Entryno, EntryNumber = recording ‘EntryNo’
      • BookPage, Book, Page = recording ‘BookPage’
      • Beneficiary, Lender, LenderName = file ‘LenderName’ or MERS + LenderName
      • Trustor, Buyers, Buyer, Borrowers, Borrower’, ExecutedBy’, BuyerBorrower,
      • BuyersBorrower = file ‘Buyers’
      • LoanAmount = file ‘LoanAmount’
      • Trustee, TitleCo, TitleCompany = Title Company Name

03 Mar 2020 – 2002.4.6.6140

  • Logging: Recent changes to OrderSetup were causing extra unnecessary logging. This was fixed.
  • FileView: Now properly hides hidden files

28 Feb 2020 – 2002.4.4.6140

  • PDFManager: Zoom value selection has been updated and is now remembered
  • OrderSetup: Department Employee now displays the full name
  • OrderSetup: New Escrow Officer for splits designated as Buyer Escrow Officer
  • Checks: Emailing a receipt now changes the file extension from ‘TD’ to ‘PDF’.

25 Feb 2020 – 2002.4.3.6140

  • Order Setup: Selecting Internal Split now also sets ClosingWhichSides to Both
  • CustIND: 
    • Added CRM TAB (Uses data from TWCustManage App)
    • Order Count and Last File include Customer Individual listed as multiple parties. Not just in Ordered By
    • New Button will launch TWCustManager if App is installed for the user.
    • Added ‘Add Note’ link button that show dates and user names for notes
  • Turbo Policy: Policy Print/Create PDF now displays the correct directory before saving. 

21 Feb 2020 – 2002.3.1.6140

  • Order Setup: 
    • General tab been rearranged and improved
    • Now allows for setting split closings with additional Escrow Officer/Assistant
    • Adds ‘Closing Which Side(s)’ selection

12 Feb 2020 – 2002.2.0.6140

  • TurboDoc: Changed the directory of saving to PDF to always be the PDF Directory.
  • Checks: Added requirement for adding a note when voiding a check
  • Checks: Now displays void/unvoid reason notes on the check screen
  • CD: Fix for negative totals on Payoffs and Payments section

11 Feb 2020 – 2002.1.0.6140

  • Todo: Grids now have more row color definition:
    • No due date or Due Date From Type is none then row color is Black
    • If due date is current date then row color is Orange
    • If due date is in the future then row color is Blue
    • If due date is past then row color is Red
    • Completed or Cancelled todos are Green

06 Feb 2020 – 2001.7.0.6140

  • 1099
    • Audit now includes additional fields: 1031Exchange, FileInDept, DepositAmount
    • Audit now shows files that are cancelled but have 1099’s
    • Audit now shows files with  deposit amounts < $10,000 but have 1099’s
    • OrderSetup ‘1031 Exchange’ affects the 1099 creation ‘Trade’ checkbox
    • ‘Show Current File Only’ now does no order file movement
  • DocDesign:  Added new field in CD Detail: ‘CountyTaxUnPaidBySeller’
      • Returns Closing Disclosure, Section N, Adjustments unpaid by seller, County Taxes Amount (XMLPoint=S_CountyTaxUnPaid) first else Hud Line 211 Amount

30 Jan 2020 – 2001.6.1.6140

  • 1099: Creation now formats names as FirstName LastName 

29 Jan 2020 – 2001.6.0.6140

  • 1099: 
    • Show Files radio button selection now remains until changed by user
      • NOTE: Going to ‘Audit Mode’ will reset it to ‘Show Current File Only’
    • Printing of Substitute 1099 forms fixed

27 Jan 2020 – 2001.5.1.6140

  • Checks: Restores Detail Report lost in 2001.4.0.6140
  • 1099: Print 3Up Copy B now does fit to page
  • Logging: Added additional logging. 
    • HUD notes whenever user opens HUD screen
    • HUD notes whenever changes are made on setup tab and to Closing Date
    • DocArchive: Tracks doc dragged to different tab
    • TurboDoc: Logs Template opening & Doc Saving
  • CD: Adds support for Leap Year Prorations

23 Jan 2020  – 2001.4.0.6140

  • Checks: Adds the ability to Email check reports
  • CD: Adds global setting “Save Recording Check to Title Co”

22 Jan 2020 – 2001.3.0.6140

  • 1099
    • Audit now filters out files with Verified Deposits < 10,000
    • ‘Check 1099s’/’Print Problem List’ menu items now verify TIN length
    •  Removed from menu the following as they are no longer needed
      • Locate 1099 Specified escrow files
      • Set 1099 Status on Escrows
      • Create 1099s for all 1099 specified escrow files
  • Turbo Escrow: Removed ‘Report IRS 1099‘ check box as it is no longer

14 Jan 2020 – 2001.2.1.6140

  • Buyer/Seller last names: For businesses now the full name is displayed

13 Jan 2020 – 2001.2.0.6140

  • TurboMail:
    • Added new options for subject drop down
    •  Now remembers what subject drop down was last used
  • 1099:
    • Added option for year 2020
    •  Now remembers last year in use

08 Jan 2020 – 2001.1.0.6140 

  • 1099: Updated 1099 file count display
  • Todo: Fixes issue when printing a Todo. Previously wrong data printed when printed from Todo App
  • UW Rates: Updates Old Republic Utah Rate  
  • CD Version 2001.8.0.6140
    • CD: ALTA Statement correctly shows “Buyer” or “Borrower”

17 Dec 2019 – 1912.2.0.6140

  • Transaction Search: Added EscrowOfficer & Office as search options
  • CD: Closing Disclosure can now output directly to DocArchive. 
  • Simplifile: Now has a Meta code setting for the DocArchive Recording Tab. Manual entry required as an integer. Otherwise it just looks for a tab named ‘Recording’.
  • Simplifile: Now can download recorded package with the Package description changed on the Simplifile website.

06 Dec 2019 – 1912.1.0.6140

  • File Filters: File Filters now will be saved to the UserData\User directory if security is in use and the user has the ‘Use Shared Repository Filter’ unchecked.

27 Nov 2019 – 1912.2.7.6140

  • Doc Designer: SellerDiscloseDeadline field is available
  • CD: Cost Detail drop-down now displays selected row correctly.  Introduce in 1910.5.0.6140

21 Nov 2019 – 1911.2.6.6140

  • Turbo Mail: Made an adjustment to email address memory saving. It was not working for Remote Desktop users.
  • DocArchive: Fixed bug not saving re-arranged PDF pages. 

15 Nov 2019 – 1911.2.4.6140

  • PDFManager: File decryption now works
  • Simplifile Online: Now shows message when recordings are loaded
  • Simplifile Online: Now is shown modally 

13 Nov 2019 – 1911.2.2.6140

  • TurboMail: Fixed TW.INI write error  introduced in last update
  • CD: Fixes messages for “Did this value change?” when manually managing amounts
  • CD: Fixes recording fees addendum charges error

12 Nov 2019 – 1911.2.1.6140

  • DocDesigner: InsertEMPhoto (Employee Photo) now leaves the actual size of the photo.
  • DocDesigner: Added new signature block options. SignatureSellersWithEmailPhone & SignatureBuyesWithEmailPhone. These will add either the existing email address or leave a blank line to be written. Phone is the same. Prefers Cell, then Work, then Home.
  • DocDesigner: Removed ‘Date’ from SignatureBlocks when Name is not a signer.
  • ClientList: Added Export option. Sends all data fields.
  • TodoTypes: Added note to the Do Not Insure button
  • DocArchive: Updated to keep PDF Thumbnails at a single column.

5 Nov 2019 – 1911.1.0.6140

  • TurboMail: Email To, CC & BCC now remember entries.

1 Nov 2019 – 1910.6.1.6140

  • Order Setup: Fixed an issue where a user logged in without TurboPolicy access rights could not auto apply Customer defaults to the Policy table. The underwriter was not set to the default of the customer. Was causing error ‘tbPolicy in read only mode’.

31 Oct 2019 – 1910.6.0.6140

  • TurboMail: Signature Graphics are now displayed on preview email. See Email Packager and set the ‘Sig Image’
  • TurboDoc: Added new fields: EscrowOfficePhoto, TitleOfficePhoto, EscrowAsstPhoto, LoginUserPhoto fields. See the Doc Designer Fields under Company and Employee.

29 Oct 2019 – 1910.5.0.6140

  • Todo: Now clears selected on main screen when changing files
  • DocArchive: Added Email & Export encryption option
  • DocArchive: Stops file renaming from having illegal characters.
  • DocArchive: Now will sanitize file names being merged.
  • PDFManager: Option now to delete the original merged files.

Closing Disclosure Version 1910.25.0.6140

  • CD: Recording Check Type now saves the payee as  “__ County Recorder” or “__ County Clerk”
  • CD: Undefined Check Types will use the Cost Detail’ s To field, rather than remain blank
  • CD: Workstation setting to include tab stop on all Cost Details fields, not just most commonly used ones
  • CD: Fixes for tabbing out of description fields on Cost Details and Summary

18 Oct 2019 – 1910.4.0.6140

  • HUD: HUD Can now be saved directly to DocArchive
  • TodoEdit: Now show Todo types alphabetically
  • Checks: Fixes problem when approving all checks that the file would not be locked

10 Oct 2019 – 1910.3.0.6140

  • Todo Setup: Now allows for assigning a ‘Do Not Insure’ todo type.
  • Order: Fixed a problem when copying Buyer/Seller names from File Finder. The name would not show on the CD.
  • CD Version 1910.10.0.6140
  • CD: Fix for “Create UW Check” on worksheet being stuck in disabled state
  • CD: Adds F6 for Transfer Tax, Mortgage Tax, and Mortgage Certification Fee for Oklahoma

08 Oct 2019 – 1910.2.1.6140

  • TurboDoc: Notary, NotaryResides, NotaryExpires merge codes were updated to also reflect the Escrow Officer on the CD.

07 Oct 2019 – 1910,2,0,6140

  • Preferences: Added a Rush Disable check box option to global settings
  • Logging: Improvements to log data for Buyer & Seller changes

04 Oct 2019 – 1910.1.2.6140

  • FileView: Restores drag and drop file replacement capability

03 Oct 2019 – 1910.1.0.6140

  • Turbo Mail: Fixes issue where Turbo Mail pops up when changing files
  • Turbo Mail: Is now set to remain visible on top of the main form
  • Todo: Fixes ‘Error Finding Todo Record’ message when double clicking last Todo on main form
  • Todo: Fixes issue where exception text is not property shown 
  • TurboDoc: Fixes issue where TurboNet link (view) did not maintain the correct text formatting

30 Sep 2019 – 1909.4.4.6140

  • Fix: First prompt field in document fills in correctly

27 Sep 2019 – 1909.4.3.6140

  • Fix: Previous Print tray is restored after printing checks

26 Sep 2019 – 1909.4.2.6140

  • Fix: Access Violation when sending emails

19 Sep 2019 – 1909.4.1.6140

  • Fix: Access Violation on right click in Doc Archive

19 Sep 2019 – 1909.4.0.6140

  • Turbo Policy: Added a new button to ‘Lender Insured Wording’. Second button now copies the ‘Insure As’ wording from the Lender Customer record.
  • CD: Recording is available as Check No 13
  • CD: Fix for Settlement Statement displaying numbers from previous file when Print Dialog was left open between files 
  • CD: Fix for Settlement Statement displaying numbers from previous file when Print Dialog was left open between files

11 Sep 2019 – 1909.3.0.6140

  • TurboDoc: Merged templates now contain a Bookmark of the template name in the document.

10 Sep 2019 – 1909.2.1.6140

  • Historical Tiffs: Added Department tab & bookmark viewing
  • PDF: PDF’s created from packages & policy print now contain document bookmarks 
  • Order Setup: Fixes issue when changing any party, rather than just OrderByAttn, that  the SalesPerson and Escrow Officer are changed.

 06 Sep 2019 – 1909.1.0.6140

  • Order Setup: Selecting an Ordered By Customer Individual, which has an assigned  SalesPerson & EscrowOfficer, will override the SalesPerson and EscrowOfficer in the order.

05 Sep 2019 – 1908.3.1.6140

  • File Drop: Made improvements to file drop messaging on Main screen and DocArchive.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any file may be dropped on to the Turbo Title Main Screen and also into DocArchive. Email Attachments from Outlook  may be drag and dropped into Turbo Title. Gmail attachments must be downloaded and then can be drag and dropped from the browser bottom bar.

29 Aug 2019 – 1908.3.0.6140

  • 1099: Audit mode now ignores cancelled files.
  • Doc Designer: Added ‘TurboNetDocLinks’ merge code in ‘Text Blocks’. Allows user to select TurboNet documents in FileView (Docs, PDFs & DocArchive) and TurboNet links will be written to the document.

27 Aug 2019 – 1908.2.2.6140

  • Todo: Filtering speed improvements
  • Simplifile: Improvements to login error messages

19 Aug 2019 – 1908.2.0.6140

  • Turbo Policy: Policy Rates Updated. 
    • Adds Builder Rates for Stewart & Fidelity
  • FileView: Added Previous and Next File buttons
  • OrderSetup: Requires user to select a File Type before file saving 
  • Simplifile: Removed Document Date restrictions when creating a Simplifile package from DocArchive.
  • CustInd: Adding CustomerIND tagging 
  • 1099: Sets record to readonly when 1099Completed is True
  • Scan: Printing now defaults to default printer each time print form is shown.
  • EMailer: Bug fix when printing DocPrep document to email a second time on the same file. New doc was not updated. Same error could occur on FileView using the Email button.
  • TurboMail: Fixes tbEmployee not in edit mode error.

23 Jul 2019 – 1907.4.2.6140

  • A few bug fixes

22 Jul 2019 – 1907.4.0.6140

  • DocArchive: Added scanning resolution selection box

15 Jul 2019 – 1907.3.0.6140   ** Database Upgrade

  • Simplifile: Adds Simplifile recordings for DocArchive – (Right Click on selected DocArchive PDFS)
  • DocArchive: Better at scanning and printing PDFs.
  • PDFManager: Added Print PDF menu option
  • Underwriter: ATGF Rates have been updated to 19 Mar 2019
  • Todo: Show ‘UN-Approved’ trigger improvements
  • 1099: Spell correction on Tax No Type
  • OrderSetup: Form Open is now fired on every file change when Visible.

Closing Disclosure 

  • Closing Disclosure: Adds “Include Brief Legal” option to Settlement Statement print options

24 Jun 2019 – 1906.5.6.6139

  • 1099 Audit: Now moves audit file to current file. Doesn’t let 1099s be created when file isn’t active because of a filter. Improves file not found in filter messaging.

21 Jun 2019 – 1906.5.4.6139

  • Email: Increased connection time out

18 Jun 2019 – 1906.5.1.6139

  • Employee Commissions: Adds Lender Filter option
  • Department Move: Removes error from employee with multiple emails listed

11 Jun 2019 – 1906.2.1.6139

  • Check Register: Adds Running Balance option

7 Jun 2019 – 1906.1.0.6139

  • 1099: 1099 Audit now shows count of Total Files, Completed & Uncompleted files.
  • 1099: Audit mode now refreshes data when form is activated
  • Todo: Fixes EscrowOfficer and other reference individuals being setup with todo playlists


  • DocArchive: Export directory dialog clears prior directory when restarted


  • Todo: Todo’s can now reference requirements
  • Todo: When a verbage name is changed/inserted, the todo list associated with the new verbage will be added to the file


  • Property Search: Fixes issue where search always used Property ID
  • Email Confirmation: Fixes issue where template was overwritten if Email confirmation” was clicked twice, and then could never be cleared out.

11 May 2019 – 1905.3.0.6139

  • Doc Designer: Added merge code for Real Estate Commission Percentage for the CD. (Field Names: RECommBPercent, RECommSPercent)

10 May 2019 – 1905.2.1.6139

  • Property Search: Fixes remaining bug in Partial Match property searching
  • Email Confirmation: Fixes issue where confirmation subject template

09 May 2019 – 1905 2.0.6139

  • Order Setup: Now populates order County if blank and the Property County is set
  • FileView: Parties tabs now show in a consistent Order
  • Trans Search: Adds Transaction average
  • Revenue Forecast: Adds Transaction average
  • Security: Fixes bug in Re-Locking Date

08 May 2019 – 1905.1.0.6139

  • FileView: Replaces some property fields so that values can be copied to the clipboard
  • Property Search: Now will fill the order County when a property is selected to add to the current file. Assuming that the order County is blank.
  • Order Setup: Now has link next to the Prior field that will make the prior file the active file.
  • Email Confirmation: Now adds the ability for a Subject Template specific to Email Confirmations  (in Preferences)

03 May 2019 – 1904.9.3.6139

  • Property Search: Now will add Prior file number when a property is selected to add the current file assuming that the Prior is blank.
  • Property Search: Fixes bug in Partial Match searching

02 May 2019 – 1904.9.2.6139

  • DocArchive: PDF Merge now defaults to deleting pre-merge documents after the new merged document is created. This can be overridden by using the provided check box.
  • DocArchive: If Pre-Merge documents are deleted then the default name for the merged document will be the first document in the merge list. Otherwise it names them NewDoc, NewDoc1 etc, as before.
  • DocArchive: Added more items to the document list context menu. (Delete Documents, Rename Document)
  • Function Keys:  Now function when OrderSetup is showing.

30 Apr 2019 – 1904.9.1.6139

  • 1099: Restores Audit Mode properly when returning to 1099 after closing the form.
  • TurboPolicy: Will not allow entry into ‘File Received for Policy Date’ field without having:
    • Documents in the 1099 Tab (Use MetaCodes to set that tab number)
    • Seller Data with Name, Address, TIN
    • ClosingWhichSides set in either the CD or RESPA HUD.
  • FileView: Fixes issue where removing .DocBK files removed unintended files. Now removes just .DOCBK files.

29 Apr 2019 – 1904.8.0.6139

  • DocArchive: Added Merge PDF’s to left hand menu. Now allows for rearranging document merge order.
  • 1099: Adds SalesPrice correction option for resubmitting to the IRS.
  • 1099: Corrects Audit mode bug. Closing 1099 when in Audit mode did not properly align all tables to the correct file.
  • 1099: Corrects Office selection on returning to 1099 form.

26 Apr 2019 – 1904.7.2.6139

  • Closing Disclosure: ALTA form prints “Borrower” instead of “Buyer” on Refinances

23 Apr 2019 – 1904.7.1.6139

  • Policy Print: Added Check All/UnCheck All options
  • Package Print: Added Check All/UnCheck All options
  • Confirmation Email: Now writes Confirmation Template to Email Body rather than to the email signature. Also restores Email Body Template back to original setting after the email packager is closed.

22 Apr 2019 – 1904.6.1.6139

  • 1099:  Audit Grid can now sort by clicking column titles

16 Apr 2019 – 1904.6.0.6139

  • 1099: Improvements to Audit Mode.
    • File Search now works for audit list
    • Scrolling speed improved
    • Smoother screen transition going to audit mode
    • No Longer Modal
    • Now allows GrossProceeds to be zero but not negative
  • Main Form: When switching Tabs Turbo tries to better maintain currently selected file

15 Apr 2019  – 1904.5.2.6139  ** New DB Version**

  • 1099: Adds 2019 Tax year
  • 1099: Now Allows for 1099 Audit mode
  • 1099: Can create 1099s for all Sellers in 1099 creation screen
  • File Lock: File can now be unlocked until a specified date/time
  • Order: Added ‘RUSH’ as a file option

08 Apr 2019 – 1904.4.4.6138

  • Fixes “Closed Dataset” error when selecting bank on CD

08 Apr 2019 – 1904.4.3.6138

  • Fixes updater issue.

05 Apr 2019 – 1904.1.2.6138

  • DocArchive: Improves thumbnail clicking movement issue. (When clicking a thumbnail the component thinks a page move attempt is being made. Careful clicks will improve the issue as well.)

04 Apr 2019 – 1904.1.1.6138

  • New DocArchive support DLL files
  • Feature: CD Printing disabled until you select “Closing Which Side”
    • This is preparing for 1099 Auditing to help make sure they have been completed for files where they are needed.
  • Improvement: Clear dropdown boxes on front page of CD with backspace key
  • Fix: Oversized CD printing on certain printers
  • Fix: Pay Interest Only Check mark used correctly for printing

01 Apr 2019 – 1904.4.0.6138

  • TODO: Todo Event Handler adjustments made

29 Mar 2019 – 1903.3.2.6138

  • DocArchive: Fixes bug where display page may be changed when focus is lost.

28 Mar 2019 – 1903.3.1.6138

1099: Checker now looks for GrossProceeds amounts that are zero or negative.

  • Accounting: Revenue Forecast report now shows only active offices in the drop down
  • Scan: Fixes Scan PrinterIndex Error

22 Mar 2019 – 1903.3.0.6138

  • Added totals to CD forecast revenue Reporting.
  • Added CD Forecast revenue report printing.
  • Added Todo ‘Rush’ status
  • Added OrderType field to Todo List Grid
  • Fixed ‘Add Doc Link’ error in TurboDoc when frmDocArchive is already open
  • Fixed TodoList sort by CompletedDate Error.
  • Corrects FileFinder 7057 error when adding name to current file.
    • Name didn’t always get the correct order sequence number
    • Above issue meant that 7057 error was possible

01 Mar 2019 – 1903.1.0.6138

  • Email Packager: Added send via Thunderbird option to support most recent Thunderbird version
  • Todo: Added Escrow Officer, Office & Underwriter to the Todo List App screen

25 Feb 2019 – 1903.3.1.6138

  • Update to WestcorWebAccess. ADS.ini finder Bug fix

21 Feb 2019 – 1902.3.0.6138

  • Added Fortis Bank Positive Pay format

04 Feb 2019 – 1902.2.0.6138

  • Accounting: Added CD Revenue Forecast Totals
  • Turbo Doc: Fixed rare tbPDoclist not open error.

01 Feb 2019 – 1902.1.0.6138

  • Office Setup: Locate now uses Code as default index
  • DocArchive: Fixed bug that export incorrectly reported as completed when user cancelled export.
  • DocArchive: Export now uses a friendlier export dialog
  • Important Dates: Now shows record count

29 Jan 2019 – 1901.2.4.6138

  • Policy Print: Fixed bug if user does Print PDF as first print action
  • 1099: Fixed 3-Up Fill in printing issue.
  • File Search: Change mouse highlighting behavior
  • Closing Disclosure: Supports different Settlement Statement Logos for each offices
    • In the Repository add, a file named “CompanyLogo-Full Office Name.jpg”
    • Other offices will default to the “CompanyLogo.jpg” image

22 Jan 2019 – 1901.2.3.6138

  • File Renumber: Now recognizes that Scan table may not exist.
  • File Renumber: MRUList is now updated properly on renumber file.
  • Main Screen: Made more room for Current File Number display

17 Jan 2019 – 1901.2.0.6138

  • DocArchive: Added new message for scanning failures.
  • 1099:  3-up form better adjusted to fit envelopes

08 Jan 2019 – 1901.1.0.6138

  • TurboPolicy: Flags are now fully disabled when setting vestings
  • Doc Mapping: Now supports default map file named ‘Office.Map’
  • Doc Mapping: Now supports images being in the map directory. (If Images file can’t be found then the map directory will be tried.) (map dir = Templates/map)
  • Invoice: Invoice design now supports mapping
  • Closing Disclosure: Fix to print company names on Summary of Transactions payoffs section
  • Closing Disclosure: Fix to correctly print interest only checkmark on page 4

14 Dec 2018 – 1812.2.0.6138

  • UWSetup: Endo copy now copies more fields on copy from Underwriter.
  • UWSetup: Endorsement setup is now always visible.
  • UWSetup: User now able to enable/disable endorsement manager.
  • DocArchive: Fixed issue resending a deleted file to TurboNet. Correct WebID issue

11 Dec 2018 – 1812.1.1.6138

  • CustIND: Escrow Officer can be assign to a Customer Individual when first created by whoever creates the entry. Afterwards only those with Marketing Security credentials can change it. (Ommited from earlier update allowing Sales Person update)
  • TurboPolicy: Now zeros corresponding premiums if SalesPrice amd/or LoanAmount are zero.
  • TurboPolicy: Fixes rare bug when switch SalesPrice to LoanAmount and Policy table becomes locked.

07 Dec 2018 – 1812.1.0.6138

  • 1099 – 2018 now active.
  • TurboDoc: Added BuyerSigDatedBlock, SellerSigDatedBlock. Adds ‘Date’ underneath signature line so signer can fill in date.

29 Nov 2018 – 1811.5.0.6138

  • File Search: Fixes bug on Main Form File Search where occasionally it does not land on the correct file.
  • CustIND: Sales Person can be assigned to a Customer Individual when first created by user creating the new CustInd entry. Afterwards only those with Marketing Security credentials can change it.
  • TurboPolicy: Before attaching a DocArchive Document the filename written to disk for TurboNet is sanitized for Windows naming.
  • TWPrintUtil: Now includes TWFileDrop. This utility creates support for dropping files through TWPrintUtil to Turbo Title replacing the need to do a print when such is not necessary. This allows for faster and more compact file transfer.
  • TWPrintUtil: Now writes user data to DocArchive.

15 Nov 2018 – 1811.4.0.6138

  • CustIND: SalesPerson & EscrowOfficer can only be assign if user has the correct security permission (Marketing) even if these fields have no prior assignment.

09 Nov 2018 – 1811.2.0.6138

  • DocPrep: Document Prompts now follow the document (moves the cursor position to where the prompt is located in the document) for easier understanding of the prompt.
  • DocPrep/DocDesigner: Added ‘Reopen’ menu items for quick acces to prior Templates.
  • DocPrep: If prior Template Fill-In prompts exist they are filled in automatically when opening the template
  • TurboPolicy: In Policy Print the templates can be double clicked to edit.
  • PDFManager: Adds ‘Save to DocArchive’ option
  • PDFManager: Renames ‘Copy PDF’ as ‘Export PDF’ for better clarity
  • DocArchive: Fixed the way the ‘View Historical Tiffs’ link visibility was determined. Prior way it was firing too often

18 Oct 2018 – 1810.3.1.6138

  • Turbo Policy: Exposes ‘Westcor Web Access’ button. NOTE: Westcor integration is now active
  • Turbo Policy: Fixes Access Violation when selecting an exception with an attachment reference to a Global Bookmark. Introduced in 1809.2.0.6138
  • Cust IND: Fixes issue with CustomerIND logging. New customers were not be logged.
  • Cust Ind: Disables ability to modify Customer Individual created date

17 Oct 2018 – 1810.2.0.6138

  • CustIND: Adds ‘View Log’. Displays customer change log.
  • DocArchive: Corrects issue where ‘Creator’ does not display the correct employee

12 Oct 2018 – 1810.1.0.6138

  • Turbo Policy: Add Exceptions List (Active Only) report
  • Turbo Policy: Add Requirements List (Active Only) report
  • Turbo Policy: Now receives refresh message from Westcor Companion
  • Westcor: Cancellation is now a live option
  • NOTE: Westcor integration still in testing.

05 Oct 2018 – 1809.2.2.6138

  • Todo: Fix bug when loading Todo if no ‘TodoTags.lst’ file exists
  • Scan: Fixed tbScan error message when file does not exist by date

02 Oct 2018 – 1809.2.1.6138

  • Doc: Fixes Access Violation error when creating a package from FileView.
  • Doc: Fixes problem naming package when merged from FileView

24 Sep 2018 – 1809.2.0.6138

  • Scan: This version does not autostart the Scan application.
  • Todo: Adds initial Todo Timeline Viewer. NOTE: Only useful if using Todo start dates.

17 Sep 2018 – 1808.4.2.6137

  • FileView: Fixes PDF double click problem. Now fully selects PDF in PDFManager so that file navigation is active immediately when viewing. No secondary click on the PDF is now necessary.

31 Aug 2018 – 1808.4.1.6137

  • Westcor Companion: Fixes tbPolicy lock problem
  • DBUpdate to support missed field/table in original 6136 update

29 Aug 2018 – 1808.3.3.6136

  • Disbursments: Fixes ‘VoidReason’ error when running ledger reports

28 Aug 2018 – 1808.3.2.6136

  • Scan/Archive: Now maintain document position when moving to another window on the same file.

23 Aug 2018 – 1808.3.0.6136

  • Turbo Policy: Added option to include/exclude ‘(view)’ links in Policy Print dialog.
  • Help Menu: Added link to training videos. See Help/Training Videos
  • Posted video that demonstrates usage of new File View Tab

08 Aug 2018 – 1808.1.0.6135

  • Todo deletion on main screen is now faster, especially for multiple deletes.
  • Simplifile Updated to comply with updated security specifiction

26 Jun

  • Closing Disclosure: Negative Values are printed correctly on ALTA

21 Jun – 1805.4.3.6135

  • DocPrep: Fixes issue where a document package might be saved with a prior document’s file name. (introduced recently)

19 Jun 2018 – 1805.4.2.6135

  • FileView: Fixes problem when switching to the FileView tab sometimes Buyer/Seller were not refreshed.
  • Closing Disclosure: Negative Values in Closing Cost Details are printed correctly
  • Closing Disclosure: Seller Side Paid By Other support added – Set Paid by Type to “3rd Party Seller Side”
  • Closing Disclosure: Section M charges show negative in worksheet
  • Closing Disclosure: Negative Buyer Part of Taxes prevented on 1099s.
  • Closing Disclosure: Calculating the Buyer Part of Taxes is optional.

14 Jun 2018 – 1805.4.1.6135

  • Import/Export: Update to file Import/Export routines

01 Jun 2018 – 1805.3.0.6135

  • TurboPolicy: Westcor Utah Rates updated

25 May 2018 – 1805.2.1.6135

  • TurboDoc: Save to DocArchive now populates Document name.
  • FileView: Now is refreshed after Doc Save.
  • Preferences: Turbo will now look at ‘C:\ADSIniUpdate\TWDirectories.TWS’ to load directory settings. This is the default over passing a parameter file.

23 May 2018 – 1805.1.4.6135

  • FileView: Fixes MyTemplates issue where Doc Filename was not populated correctly.
  • Turbo Startup: Assigns better error message to ‘Invalid filename’ on start up when directory settings are not valid. This error also caused main screen details to not appear.

03 May 2018 – 1805.1.2.6135

  • FileView: Fixes bug. When attaching multiple DocArchive files to an email, the DocArchive files content could be duplicated even though the documents have the correct names.
  • FileView: Fixed access violation when going to a party and attempting to change the zip code:

01 May 2018 – 1805.1.0.6135

  • Preferences: Adds ‘UW Approval Needed Amount’ in global tab. When file Loan Amount or Sales Price exceeds Approval Amount a warning prompt is given the user, when the Recording screen is opened, as a reminder to obtain underwriter approval for the file.

27 Apr 2018 – 1804.8.0.6135

  • Email: Inactive EscrowOfficers and EscrowOfficerAssts are no longer displayed in email packager.
  • File Search: Adds PriorFile as a search result field.
  • FileView: Fixes a few bugs

13 Apr 2018- 1804.7.0.6135

  • FileView: When double clicking in DocArchive panel, to view the document, the document in un-selected following the view so that it is not inadvertently attached to an email.
  • FileView: Docs & PDFs now have a file header
  • FileView: Other bugs fixes

06 Apr 2018 – 1804.6.0.6135

  • FileView: Documents now show globe icon to indicate they are on TurboNet. Replaces checkbox.

06 Apr 2018 – 1804.4.0.6135

  • FileView: More features added to the new File View tab.
  • CustomerInd: Added Edit Button to Custom Individual
  • TurboDoc: Package window closes after merge
  • 1099: Checking tool now catches negative numbers in Buyer’s Part of tax
  • Email Packager: Now adds support for Subject Template
  • Email Packager: Fixed bug when clicking ‘?’ could not find the customer.
  • Email Packager: Changed Name ‘?’ icon to ‘…’
  • Email Packager: Removed buttons from non customer entities shown
  • Todo List: Adds county filter
  • Todo List: Record positioning after a complete, etc. is improved
  • DocArchive: Now has graphic if document has been sent to TurboNet

23 Mar 2018 – 1803.4.0.6135

  • FileView: Introduces new File View tab on main screen (more coming on this)
  • Todo: Added scroll bar to main screen todo notes
  • DocArchive: New documents highlights will not be opaque when viewed with an external PDF viewer.
  • PDFManager: Updated to reflect correct PDF directory
  • PDFManager: No longer a modal form;
  • Email: Packager now comes up more quickly
  • Turbo Policy: Fixes issue when trying to attach a DocArchive document when Doc Archive is already open
  • TurboMail: Clean up of Signature Image sending

09 Mar 2018 – 1803.1.2.6135

  • DocArchive: Fixed not printing to selected printer issue

03 Mar 2018 – 1803.1.0.6135

  • Email: Adds support for an Email Signature Image. Can be any image format and doesn’t require using a template. NOTE: Only shows on the actually email that is sent.
  • Email: Adds Support for Email IMAP.  Puts copy of Turbo mail email into ‘Sent Files’ folder on email server. See Preference, Global Tab to enter IMAP Settings.
  • Email: Email now supports greater level of security
  • TurboEmailSettings: Adds support for CustomIMAPFolder. See Turbo Mail, Options, Email Settings. Use if IMAP sent folder differs from the setting in Preferences, Global, IMAP.
  • DocArchive: Improvement to DocArchive Scans. Forces documents to standard sizes and better cleaning of edges.
  • DocArchive: Improves printing with better size scaling.
  • DocArchive: Fixed Windows 10 drag and drop duplication.

14 Feb 2018 – 1802.3.1.6135

  • DocArchive: Fixed Windows 10 drag and drop duplication.
  • Main Screen: Added Proposed Closing Date (as PCDate) to Order Quicklist, Quick Date Spans, Quick Departments & My Files tabs.
  • CD: Fixes ‘dataset not in edit mode’ error, when entering Owners Policy info.

05 Feb 2018 – 1802.2.0.6135

  • Simplifile: Temporarily resolves Simplifile security change

02 Feb 2018 – 1802.1.0.6135

  • 1099: Check 1099’s now gives an option to skip 1099s that may have problems.
  • DocArchive: Fixes Zooming where page skips around.

24 Jan 2018 – 1801.3.1.6135

  • DocArchive: External Drag & Drop now respects the selected Tab

23 Jan 2018 – 1801.3.0.6135

  • Order Setup: Changed ‘Hidden’ file status to ‘Private’
  • Preferences: Added option for Windows Authentication login.
    • Enabling windows authentication login ties the Turbo Title login credentials to the logged in Windows user so that the separate login to Turbo is not necessary.
  • Employee: Adds ability to reset Auto Login user name to support Windows Authentication Login
  • DocArchive: Can now Drag & Drop from other applications i.e. Outlook
  • DocArchive: Can now Drag & Drop to other applications i.e. Outlook

09 Jan 2018 – 1801.2.0.6135

  • DocArchive: Delete Document now deletes all selected documents

05 Jan 2018 – 1801.1.0.6135  **DB Update Required

  • Turbo Policy: Verbiage Definitions can now have an attached TodoList. When adding the verbiage the todos will be added the the Todo List. 
  • Do Not Insure: If an entry is found on the DNI list a Todo will be created for tracking purposes.
  • When using ‘Recent File List’ if the file selected is not in the current tab a prompt will allow the user to move to the file in an all files tab (Order Grid, Order QuickList, OrderDetails). Turbo Title will move to that tab based on users last selection of one of those tabs.
  • Departments: Departments now include option to notify SalesPerson via email of department change.
  • DocArchive: Fix bug importing files. Filename would not change according to name specified by user.

19 Dec 2017 – 1712.3.0.6134

  • DocArchive: PDF export now prompts for file replacement

11 Dec 2017 – 1712 2.3.6134

  • Fixed new EmalList report not showing text property.
  • Changed directory dialog in DocArchive export selected files option.
  • Positions the DocArchive Export Dialog to a better location.

07 Dec 2017 – 1712.2.0.6134

  • EmailList: Now provide Email List Report
  • Todo: Main Screen now stops Todo Note from editing Completed/Cancelled todos.

03 Dec 2017 – 1712.1.0.6134

  • Todo Main Screen: RefVerbNo added back to list
  • DocArchive: Export now exports all selected Docs
  • Fixes login issue when security is not enabled

30 Nov 2017 – 1711.2.0.6134

  • 1099: Adds print selected 1099 3-Up
  • 1099: Added File Lookup to 1099

14 Nov 2017 – 1711.1.1.6134

  • Resolves issue with AutoLogin not setting all security options

10 Nov 2017 – 1711.1.0.6134

  • Login: Now has option for auto login using windows credentials
  • 1099: Now ready for 2017 IRS file creation.
  • 1099: 1099-S Copy B Forms are now implemented in the software
  • 1099: Added support for  ‘Foreign Person’. See ‘Seller is a Foreign Entity’ on 1099 input form. New for 2017
  • Todo: Main screen now display todo notes. Also, allow for notes to be added/edited.
  • DocPrep: Added ‘LoanNumber’ field in General Items. Gets CD ‘LoanNo’ if not blank  then HUD ‘HLenderLoan’.
  • 1099: Hud 1099 creation did not populate the seller info correctly. Always used first seller info. This has been fixed.
  • NMLS License number can now be deleted.

30 Oct 2017 – 1710.5.0.6133

  • Added Workstation Preference: ‘Remember Doc Prep Template Directory’. This option allows the user to specify that Doc Prep will remember and recall the directory of the last Template opened. This has been the default behavior since added in June. Now users will need to enable this behavior if desired.

24 Oct 2017 – 1710.4.0.6133

  • Amount fields in Turbo Title generally will show the contents of the field. If field is blank the amount will print blank. If field has 0.00 then 0.00 will print. Some field variations override this behavior, i.e. LoanAmount_TBD.
  • Save to PDF no longer embeds fonts. This reduces PDF file sizes when saving to PDF.

17 Oct 2017 – 1710.3.0.6133

  • Turbo Policy: Adds ability to attach PDF Hyperlink to Text exception
  • Turbo Policy: Now warns if an exception is too long to fit on a page
  • Turbo Policy: Adds the ability to add PDF File Hyperlinks into Verbage definitions. (Use Link button on the toolbar)
  • Turbo Policy: When editing verbages the screen is more obvious when it is not in Edit mode.
  • Turbo Policy: Speeds printing of exceptions pages.
  • Fixes bug in Turbo Policy. Some text exceptions blank.

13 Oct 2017 – 1710.2.0.6133 ** Requires Database Update

  • TurboPolicy: Added ability to attach a PDF File to an exception.
  • TurboPolicy: Exception attachments user interface updated.
  • Closing Disclosure:  Added Lender to ALTA Settlement Statement

02 Oct 2017 – 1710.1.0.6132   ** Requires Database Update

  • Doc Designer: Added Turbo Template (*.TD) filter to Continuation Dialog
  • Added new rates for Westcor, ATGF, Alliant & Commonwealth
  • Updated Rate Info box in Turbo Policy to support new rate options

18 Sep 2017 – 1709.1.0.6131

  • 1099 Make Disk adds populate button. Removes auto populate.
  • Corrected 1099 problem that Name, TIN corrections were not in the right format.
  • Restored logging of Buyer/Seller Name deletion
  • Closing Disclosure: Worksheet checks with blank type will use items to detect payee name
  • Closing Disclosure: Added scrollbar to Payoffs and Payments section
  • Closing Disclosure: Transfer Tax does not calculate if county not set on property

31 Aug 2017 – 1708.2.0.6131  *Requires Database Update

  • Todo List: Adds option to sort by two columns
  • Todo List: Adds todo count in status bar
  • Todo: Adds more date from options. ‘Fixed’ is from Today, ‘Closing’ is from Projected Closing Date, ‘Order’ is from Order Date.
  • 1099: Corrected problem with BRecord correction file coding.
  • Security: Adds ‘File Fund Transfer’ option in security. When used this will turn on a menu item in Checks to access fund transfer capabilities.
  • OrderSetup: Adds ‘Refresh Property Sequence’ button

02 Aug 2017 – 1708.1.0.6130

  • DocArchive improvements to scanned image results
  • DocArchive adds Auto Display Document option. Can be turned off for more control of document display.

18 Jul 2017 – 1706.5.0.6130

  • DocArchive Scan now allows for appending a scan to an existing document.
  • Fixes check printing problem introduced in 1706.4.0.6130

17 Jul 2017 –1706.4.1.6130

  • Fixes Policy Print/Package Print bug introduced in 1706.4.0.6130
    • Templates sometimes wouldn’t appear (Print button greyed)

15 Jul 2017 – 1706.4.0.6130

  • Doc Prep: When opening a template the directory is remembered. True in Doc Designer as well. Reset on Turbo Title restart.
  • DocArchive: Adds rotate selected pages sub menu

7 Jul 2017 – 1706.3.1.6130

  • Added ‘Text & Text/Email’ as Delivery Preferences
  • Fixes Disburse Worksheet error when calling from CD.

27 June 2017 – 1706.3.0.6130

  • DocArchive: Adds Export Pages
  • DocArchive: Adds Delete pages

26 Jun 2017 – 1706.2.1.6130

  • Update to Reconciliation closing routine. Speeds up writing batchno & batchtime

23 Jun 2017 – 1706.2.0.6130

  • DocArchive: Allows email of selected pages (Right click)
  • DocArchive: Allows easy access to print select pages (Right Click)
  • Created a routine to send a corrected 1099 to the IRS
    • To access this feature find the 1099 in question and right click the panel
    • NOTE: This will only correct a single 1099 at a time.

07 Jun 2017 – 1706.1.1.6130

  • TurboDoc: Merge code “EscrowOfficer” in Employee now starts with CD then goes to HUD then will finally use the Escrow Officer in Order Setup
  • Scan Export convert to PDF now does all uppercase PDF
  • Doc Archive scanning now does a better job of edge detection.

24 May 2017 – 1705.1.1.6130

  • Fix: File Searches for Closed Date and Settlement Date checks both the CD and the HUD
  • Fix: CD Buyers Signatures now respects the “Is Signer” check box
  • Built-in Rates: Added Junior Rate for First American Junior rates
  • Improvement: CD Signature and Address Addendums are added automatically when needed.
  • Fix: CD 1099 creation includes all sellers (Not limiting to 4)

12 May 2017 – 1705.1.1.6130

  • Property Deletion is now logged
  • Fixes Property Re-Sequence problems.
  • Expanded SMTP Password length

28 Apr 2017 – 1704.2.1.6130

  • New: Built-in rates for First American with new rounding
  • Improvement: Error logs now send directly, without needing to email
  • Fix: Semicolons added between email addresses
  • Fix: Payoffs without Summary of Transaction loads correct payee

13 Apr 2017 – 1704.1.3.6130

  • Fixed document line counting bug. This fixes document overflow issues that may result in blank pages on occasion.

11 Apr 2017 – 1704.1.1.6130

  • Re-activated main screen tab grids’ time-sensitive colors. The ‘Order Grid’ tab still only shows the department in time-sensitive colors.

06 Apr 2017 – 1704.1.0.6130

  • General File Search: Updated Parties retrieval routine. Increases speed of looking up parties.
  • Fixed cases Where Employee Code, Customer Code, Customer Individual could be blank
  • Order Setup: Stopped ability to add a property without a PropID.
  • Underwriter: Delete function fixed. NOTE: If an underwriter is attached to any files it cannot be deleted. It may be set as inactive however.

04 Apr 2017 – 1703.7.6.6130

  • Updates to EPIC Import

03 April 2017 – 1703.7.4.6130

  • Turbo Escrow: Hide Sales Price check box now hides amount from HUD printing and not just the In-House statements.

31 Mar 2017 – 1703.7.2.6130

  • Doc Packager is no longer displayed as a modal form

30 Mar 2017 – 1703.7.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • Additional Parties now have Merge Codes
  • Added Additional Party ‘Save’ button
  • Can now email docs to Additional Parties
  • Closing Disclosure 1099 Buyer’s Part of Taxes uses tax amounts for all properties

28 Mar 2017 – 1703.6.0.6130

  • Added HUD Buyers Part of Taxes calculation for 1099
  • DocArchive: Added Doc save to fix missing highlight in some cases
  • Hidden Files: Scan not closing when navigating to hidden file
  • DocArchive: Not closing when moving to hidden file
  • Closing Disclosure: Not Closing when moving to hidden file
  • Closing Disclosure: Cleans up selected record issue when changing file
  • Todo: Fixed Access Violation when attempting to sort by status

23 Mar 2017 – 1703.5.0.6130

  • Turbo Doc: Added the ability to add a Page number set. See Insert Menu / Insert Page No. Once added the language and fields can be modified or moved.
    NOTE: Page numbers are calculated for the pages visible. If printing a subset of pages of a commitment, for example, the page numbers will only be shown for the subset beginning at page 1.
  • Turbo Doc: Fixes introduced bug when opening template with merge prompts. The document may try to save to the templates directory and overwrite the template.

22 Mar 2017 – 1703.4.2.6130

Turbo Title

  • Turbo Policy: Fixes Access Violation when changing Policy Type

15 Mar 2017 – 1703.4.1.6130

Turbo Title

  • General File Search – Fixes bug in searching Escrow Officer

14 Mar 2017 – 1703.4.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • Fixes login screen positioning
  • Adds Turbo Doc fields RECommSBrokerFee & RECommBBrokerFee

13 Mar 2017 – 1703.3.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • Removed the Password field on Customer Individuals
  • General File Search Fixed sort by Escrow Officer bug
  • General File Search now remembers column move again


Turbo Title

  • TurboNet Document Upload: Reworked Parties selection to make it more intuitive.
  • DocArchive: Adds ‘Show Comments’ label on PDF toolbar.
  • DocArchive: Menu item ‘Show Comments’ changes to ‘Add Comments’ if no comments have been made on the document
  • DocArchive: Add option to view documents uploaded to TurboNet


Turbo Title

  • Scan Annotations now uses Windows GetWinDir function to locate il_anno.ini
  • Fixes issue with newer Windows versions not saving/recalling some workstation settings i.e. ‘Share Filters’

17 Feb 2017 – 1702.3.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • TurboMail: Send to TurboDocs check box does not report can’t send document to send if at least one party or employee is checked in the recipient list.
  • General File Search now searches ClosedDate, SettlementDate, Disbursement date on CD as well as the HUD.

15 Feb 2017 – 1702.2.4.6130

Turbo Title

  • Main Screen Order Grid: Bold removed from data fields

14 Feb 2017 – 1702.2.3.6130

Turbo Title

  • Turbo Policy: Endo Manager button always shows (If Meta Code enabled for this function)
  • Turbo Doc: Save To PDF now has dialog
  • Turbo Doc: Fixes issue in some situation that opening a template in Doc Prep the user unknowingly could make changes to the template. (Introduced in 1701.5.2.6130)

09 Feb 2017 – 1702.2.1.6130

Turbo Title

  • Manage Endos button re-activated in Order Setup
  • Rate Calculator now properly calculated files with 0 amounts.
  • Turbo Policy: Removes errant error message ‘Document deleted’ for scan links

06 Feb 2017 – 1702.2.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • TurboDocs: File / Save To PDF – now works
  • TurboPolicy: Hyperlink text is now blue

06 Feb 2017 – 1702.1.1.6130

Turbo Title

  • Fixed Auto Rate Calc for users with readonly access to TurboPolicy
  • Midas.dll not longer needed

01 Feb 2017 – 1702.1.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • Turbo Policy: If Auto Rate Calc is enabled for a file then making any changes in Turbo Policy will save the updated rate information.

31 Jan 2017 – 1701.5.3.6130

Turbo Title

  • Fixes introduced error where templates without merge prompts are not merged.

31 Jan 2017 – 1701.5.2.6130


  • Turbo Policy: Fixed Access Violation when going to print
  • Turbo Docs: Fixed issue with Doc Prompts fill in form being cleared when it should not
  • Turbo Docs: Merge Prompts broken in 1701.5.0.6130 (Prompts not modal)
  • Doc Archive: Search no longer does match text

30 Jan 2017 – 1701.5.1.6130

Turbo Title

  • Fix: Document not found error for TurboNet links.
  • Improvment: Confirm Dialog should always appear above the form, even if mouse is outside it.

30 Jan 2017 – 1701.5.0.6130

  • Order Grid visuals have been simplified
  • Order Details now sizes better with 125% Windows Font
  • Email Packager: Fixed issue when sending docs to TurboNet following DocArchive send docs to Turbonet the the docs were made public.
  • 1099’s now renumber when file is renumbered.
  • TurboDoc prompt fill-in is no longer a modal form
  • DocArchive: Annotation Edit now toggles properly

23 Jan 2017 – 1701.4.2.6130

  • Turbo Docs can now be sent directly to DocArchive
  • Doc Archive – Added menu option view/edit comments
  • Email Packager: Fixes TurboNet issue with multiple buyers

19 Jan 2017 – 1701.4.1.6130

  • Fix for RECommTot not found error

17 Jan 2017- 1701.4.0.6130

  • Added some CD Closing Cost Detail fields to Doc Designer
  • Fixed AutoRateCalc issue
  • Fixed problem saving PDF in DocPrep dialog now saves with ‘.PDF’ rather than ‘*.PDF’

13 Jan 2017 – 1701.3.1.6130

  • Added Strikethough option to TodoNotes editor
  • Added Title column to Email Packager
  • Added Archive Document Linking to Doc Prep
  • DocPrep print dialog ensures that printing to PDF results in the file having a PDF extension
  • DocPrep print dialog now closes if ‘Cancel’ is selected.
  • Update for Nevada Fidelity Rates
  • Fix for Nevada Rates not detecting county
  • 11 Jan 2017 – 1701.2.0.6130

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Added F6 Settlement Fee calculation for Old Republic Nevada
  • Change: Auto Premium Update only happens for Underwriters with Auto Rate Calc enabled
  • Fix: Options drop down closes when line is deleted.  Should prevent Record/Key deleted error.
  • Fix: Template error “tbPolciy not opened” for templates with policy premium amounts fixed.

06 Jan 2017 – 1701.1.0.6130

Turbo Title

  • Todo Type Setup – Notes can now be double clicked to provide formatting.
  • Added Copy Property Address To (Buyer Seller) Name in Order Setup
  • TodoEdit is no longer modal from main screen
  • Positive Pay now allows check numbers that are 3 digits only into the pos pay file.
  • Added Hide Sales Price check box to Hud – Allows hiding Sales Price for commercial deals. NOTE: Requires DB Upgrade for TWNewHUD1 – HideSalesPrice Field
  • Same Underwriter setup is used for all underwriters. Endo MetaCode now no longer affects which form is used. Endo setup turns on and off endo use based on MetaCode.
  • Metacode SkipAutoRateCal has been deprecated
  • Each Underwriter has the option to turn on/off auto rate calculation
  • Each file has the ability to turn off auto rate calc for that file assuming that auto rate is on for that underwriter.
  • Support for rate calculation has been enhanced for some underwriters. It bypasses the rate tables for internal calculation. See ‘Rate Type’ selection in Underwriter setup.
  • Turbo Policy now has rate modifiers for the new rate type. See new Rate and Rate Info boxes.

13 Dec 2016 – 1612.1.1.6129

Turbo Title

  • Added support for 2016 1099’s

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Option to hide extra lines to shorten Summary of Transactions
  • Change: Moved Setup tab fields to front page.  Removed Setup tab
  • F6: Policy Amount F6-value refreshes without reloading CD
  • F6: CPL Paid To pulls the Underwriter Name
  • F6: Settlement Fee for Fidelity Nevada
  • Fix: Selecting a Cost Detail template will always display
  • Fix: Tabbing out of Recording Charge will update totals
  • Fix: Access Violation on left arrow
  • Fix: Adjust width of Summary of Transaction table

23 Nov 2016 – 1610.3.3.6129

  • Added code to stop CD from starting a second time on a double click.
  • Positive Pay now ignores any transactions that start with ‘ACH’ rather than ‘ACHOUT’
  • Added ‘CSV – Mappable’ as a positive pay format option.
  • Moved Positive Pay format selection to the header panel
  • Added Positive Pay Recreate file option to Review tab

04 Nov 2016 – 1610.3.3.6129

  • Fixes HO/Eagle, ‘Round Once’ premium calculation. Was sometimes off by a $1
  • Fixes bug caused when no Signature Template is selected in Email Packager
  • Fixes Doc Links issue chopping characters from long (>100) doc path

31 Oct 2016 – 1610.3.0.6129

Turbo Title

  • Added Buyer/Seller last names to Approved Todo email
  • Adds TurboNet Email Doc Links
  • Has option to send files attached in Email Packager to TurboNet instead of including in email
  • Use check box ‘Attach Docs as TurboNet links’ in Email Packager
  • Creates hyperlinks to those documents instead of attachments
  • See Turbo Docs field ‘EmailTurboNetDocLinks’ under Text Blocks
  • Adds Email Packager support for Email Template in addition to the Signature Template.
    • Note: If AttachDocs is checked and no template is selected the attached docs links will be the default email body text.

03 Oct 2016 – 1609 3.0.6128

  • Adds ClosingDateOrToday field. If neither Closing Date exists then today’s date is supplied.

01 Oct 2016 – 1609.2.0.6129

  • Added ‘Export Raw Data’ to ‘Review Commissions’ tab of Employee Commissions. NOTE: If this is selected then ‘Get Files’ option is disabled until restart.

29 Sep 2016 – 1609.1.0.6128

Turbo Title

  • Improved Department move main screen refreshing

20 Sep 2016 – 1608.4.1.6128

Turbo Title

  • Fixed issue that Turbo Mail did not support embedded images.

Closing Disclosure

  • Change: Lines that begin with ‘Title -’ default to ALTA Title section
  • Fix: More than 15 lines in Payoffs and Payments doesn’t cut off when printed
  • Fix: Min/Max label on AIR table

30 Aug 2016 – 1608.4.0.6128

  • Added Fields to TodoType for Status & Notes
  • Delete Selected Todos speed improvement
  • Label clarifications made to Document Display options
  • In Acknowledgement to In Signature Block
  • Acknowledgement Signature Type to Signature Type
  • Acknowledgement Signer Title to Signer Title

26 Aug 2016 – 1608.3.2.6127

  • Fixes double todos when creating a file with a file type that get default todos.
  • Adds catch to stop DocArchive PDF document corruption.

22 Aug 2016 – 1608.3.0.6127

Turbo Title

  • Added ‘N/A’ Todo Status (No Icon)

Closing disclosure

  • Feature: Improvements to Fee Templates
  • Fix: Fee Template “Record Not Found” error
  • Change: Respect line breaks in Large Name for Confirm Receipt signatures
  • F6: Funds for Borrower

09 Aug 2016 – 1608.2.0.6127

  • Switched connections from Default to TCP/IP

03 Aug 2016 – 1608.1.1.6127

  • Fixes ‘DocArchiveID field not found’ error when copying verbiages in Turbo Policy.

02 Aug 2016 – 1608.1.0.6127

  • Update to Policy verbiage copying to include Doc Archive links
  • Added ‘UnderWriterNotes’ as a text block merge code

27 Jul 2016 – 1607.3.0.6127

Turbo Title

  • When selecting ‘New’ in TodoEdit the current todo is saved before creating the new todo.
  • TurboMail now allows for expanded subdomain characters. It was not allowing digits or ‘-’.
  • Turbo Policy – ‘Copy Verbiage’ now selects verbiages with a single click.
  • TodoEdit item ‘New From Exception List’ behaves better.

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Cost Detail Fee Templates to reuse most common fees
  • Fix: The first property address is used

22 Jul 2016 – 1607.1.0.6126

Turbo Title

  • When Main page Tab was on ‘My Files’ Turbo startup wouldn’t re-activate that last visited file. This has been fixed.
  • Added Round Once check box to the Underwriter setup. Supports issue where some underwriters round the base rate before calculating the percentage and some do not.

30 Jun 2016 – 1606.3.1.6125

Turbo Title

  • Re-arranged Doc Archive status bar item order
  • Add FileNo (ToFrom column) sort to Fee Check selection list.
  • Fixes issue with invalid file names in DocArchive. Will now stop users from saving files with invalid characters.

28 June 2016 – 1606.3.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Added List Payee filter to Fee Check Creator
  • Fee Check Creator now offers a report
  • Preferences – County List now has it own save button.
  • Preferences – Now forces a restart when any directory is changed.
  • CD Data was not refreshing properly in Docs.
  • Turbo now stops loading if shared repository is not found
  • Updated the File Creation error message to give better error messages.

Closing Disclosure

  • F6: Loan No from Customer Ref No
  • 21 June 2016 – 1606.2.2.6125

Turbo Escrow

  • Added ‘Files Ready for Policy’ Report. See Turbo Policy/Reports menu.
  • For this report to work you need to be using Departments and tracking recordings either manually or via Simplifile.
  • Fixed bug where BuyerESCVesting/SellerESCVesting were not being saved to the file.
  • Fixed Index error when clicking field columns in Check Entry

20 June 2016 – 1606.1.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Turbo will now prompt the user to view the update log after a new version is loaded.
  • Tab stops order in Todo Edit form were fixed.
  • Run update now uses new mechanism to see if an update to the workstation is need. May result in faster load times.
  • Added ¾ sign to Doc Designer/Prep, Legals
  • Shorcut keys are now disabled in OrderSetup
  • When Printing in Commitment/Policy with ‘Create PDF’ option, the document would show next time Doc Prep was selected. This has been fixed.
  • Doccument Archive Scan form re-arranged – Scan button moved to the right.
  • DocArchive Scan now defaults to department current on DocArchive
  • Added more document info to DocArchive status bar: Created Date, Created By Employee, Department, Source of document

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Empty lines omitted when Summary is too long to fit on page
  • F6: In Cost Details, daily proration will be negative when end date is before start date
  • Change: Warning is issued when two users write to same field
  • Fix: Summary of Tran Alta Section not saving correctly
  • Fix: Repeated line in Summary of Transaction printing
  • Fix: Forced crash if there is a start up error in dmUCDClosingform
  • Fix: Line breaks respected in Seller CD Signature Lines
  • Fix: Error when calculating Seller Credits

24 May 2016 – 1605.2.4.6125

  • Fixes ‘List Index out of bounds’ when calling FileFinder in certain situations
  • Fixed issuer where ‘Copy Verbiage To From’ allowed lower case in the file number which caused problems when the copy started.
  • File Fund Transfer – Sped up by dropping Buyer/Seller info from file lookups

13 May 2016 – 1605.2.2.6125

Turbo Title

  • Fixes unique name bug in Doc Archive.
  • Fixes ‘Printing in progress’ error message.

10 May 2016 – 1605.2.1.6125

Turbo Title

  • DocDesigner now has merge codes for CD Header table
  • Merge code ‘Employee/EscrowOfficer’ now uses and favors CD Escrow Officer.
  • Check Stub has been updated to reflect the escrow officer from order setup.
  • DocArchive markup
  • Now Add highlights & text comments
  • DocArchive: Right side thumbnails can now be used as navigation. (Double click to go to page)
  • Added Lender Policy Coverage Type – See Type under Lender Policy info.
  • Fix: Document Links not loading correct Web Code
  • Feature: Send To TurboNet sets default doc type to Other
  • 3 way reconciliation report improvements

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Seller tag is not printed on ALTA fom for Non-Seller Transaction
  • F6: Across payment periods
  • Fix: Corrects print warning in cash back to Borrower transactions

20 Apr 2016 – 1604.4.2.6125

Turbo Title

  • Feature Test: Adds DocArchive PDF Annotations
  • ‘Add Message’ annotation
  • Highlight annotations
  • TurboNet browser replaced with link to default browser
  • Feature: Send To TurboNet sets default doc type to Other
  • Feature: Send multiple docs to TurboNet from DocArchive
  • Fix: Document Links not loading correctly from Doc Archive

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Error message when printing a CD with mismatched totals on page 3
  • F6: Calculating Cash to Close when using Manage Amounts Manually
  • Change: Deposit now auto calculates
  • Change: Confirmation dialog will always appear over active form
  • Fix: Double confirm message when canceling change to CCC Manage Amounts Manually
  • Fix: Tab order on front page and within Summary of Transaction lines
  • Feature Test: You can use Ctrl+Enter to insert F6 amounts in addition to the F6 key (Closing Disclosure only)

14 Apr 2016 – 1604.2.3.6125

  • Fixes signature line problem with SignatureSellers, SignatureBuyers

13 Apr 2016 -1604.2.2.6125

  • Fixes issues with SellerSigBlock, SignatureSellers, AcknowledgementSellers, Signatures & buyers versions of the same.

11 Apr 2016 – 1604.2.1.6125

  • Fixes broken audit link on Turbo Title Main Page heading

08 Apr 2016 – 1604.2.0.6125

  • Main Screen Todo Grid now allows for Delete and Multi-Select deletion
  • Use right click for menu or Ctrl-D
  • TurboNet Document sender now restricts to PDF files

07 Apr 2016 – 1604.1.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • MergeCodes added YearNext, YearPrior
  • Fixes Book Beginning Balance issue on 3 way Rec

06 Apr 2016 – 1604.1.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Added Support for Email Confirmation
  • Setup by adding Template in Global Settings – ‘Set Order Confirmation Template’
  • Button becomes available on main toolbar
  • Added TWBank BankBegBalance to Beginning Book Balance on 3-way Reconciliation Report
  • DocArchive Turbonet Send now allows for setting the Document Type, etc.
  • TurboNet sender now allows for auto population of description. Set by selecting Type.

22 Mar 2016 – 1603.3.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Added TurboNetLink & TurboNetOrderLink to DocDesigner
  • TurboNetLink takes user to TurboNet Order Center
  • TurboNetOrderLing takes user to a specific TurboNet order
  • Merge Codes for SellerSignatures & SellerSigBlock now are the same.
  • Merge Code for BuyerSignatures & BuyerSigBlock now are the same.
  • Added Code to Skip AutoRateCalc changes if when Rate Charge is 0 but the corresponding SalesPrice or LoanAmount are not 0. This can happen when some underwriters rates are not setup but other are and so AutoRateCalc has been turned on.

Closing Disclosure

  • Change: More space available for property and contact address at top of form
  • Fix: “Must Apply Updates” errors should be handled. Added code to give better report for any that are still escaping.
  • Fix: Potential access violation when removing lines
  • Fix: Potential access violation from drop down options
  • Fix: Potential access violation in Form Close
  • Fix: Error on F6 for Funds from Borrower in Calc Cash to Close tab.
  • ALTA Settlements Statements now only print one broker.
  • Listing Agent on the Seller’s ALTA
  • Selling Agent on the Buyer’s ALTA

18 Mar 2016 – 1603.2.0.6125

  • 3-Way reconciliation report imporvements
  • Add Encrypt/Decrypt to PDF Manager
  • Bug FIX Turbo Policy:  ‘’ is not a valid integer error when “Inserting” an exception when no exceptions exist
  • Bank of Utah ‘Load Bank Format’ updated
  • Customer list doesn’t auto refresh unless a customer is changed – Speed improvement
  • Added ‘Refresh’ item to Customer Search form
  • Added full 9 digit zip to vendor zip code on 1099 file creation.

24 Feb 2016 – 1602.9.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Fixes bug in Copy Verbiage that cancel doesn’t cancel.
  • Turbo Escrow: Lender & Property now get street unit info from the wizard
  • Added ‘Delete File’ Security Level
  • NOTE: Security Level ‘Full File Control’ no longer allows for file deletion
  • Added ‘Delete Image’ Security Level
  • Activating DocArchive now adds file to MRU list

23 Feb 2016 – 1602.8.0.6125

Turbo Title

  • Adds 3-Way Reconciliation Report
  • Fixed Simplifile Download issue. (Invalid null issue)
  • Added Ctrl-P to print in TurboDoc
  • Fixes “Attoney” in fact spelling
  • Adds Customer Individual change log (ActionLog)
  • Now Sends error reports
  • Database version 6.125

10 Feb 2016 – 1602.5.0.6124

  • Positive Pay updated to skip ‘ACHOUT’, ‘XFEROUT’ transactions

8 Feb 2016 – 1602.4.0.6124

Turbo Title

  • Fixes to check ledger. Puts amount in correct columns. Handles Voids in date range more accurately.

6 Feb 2016 – 1602.3.0.6124

Turbo Title

  • The merge code for ‘Legal’ Description now favors the legal description for the file. If a legal is not found there it will be built from the parcel legal descriptions.
  • Street_City_State_Zip_If_Single added to Property Merge Codes. If not single then it returns”See Attached Exhibit “A”’

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Select form type (Summary or Payoffs) independent for the loan Purpose
  • Feature: Enter other index names for AIR table
  • Fix: Prorations load using new options correctly
  • Fix: AIR Table Index name includes spaces

2 Feb 2016 – 1602.1.0.6123

Turbo Title

  • Feature: DocArchive now supports merging of PDFs.
  • Select Docs and then right click for menu.
  • Feature: DocArchive now supports creation of new pdf from selected PDF Pages.
  • If page preview not visible, change view in bottom of document window
  • Select pages and then right click for menu.
  • Feature: In DocArchive, users with ‘Full File Control’ can delete docs without a password.
  • Fix: You can now copy open files to DocArchive

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Customize drop down options to include your own fee types.
  • Click settings in the Closure Disclosure to modify the list.
  • Settings are only available to users with “Maintenance” security permission.
  • Feature: “Final Payment” heading displays on form when selected
  • Feature: ALTA statement uses modified descriptions for standard Summary lines
  • Change: Initial Escrow Payment on page 4 includes seller paid amounts in Section G
  • Fix: Projected Payments changes render more quickly

26 Jan 2016 – 1601.5.3.6123

Turbo Title

  • More fixes to customer list problems introduced in 1601.2.0.6123

22 Jan 2016 – 1601.5.0.6123

Closing Disclosure

  • Feature: Ability to drag lines between sections
  • Change: ALTA prints commission percent
  • Change: ALTA prints daily interest amount to 4 decimal places
  • Fix: Commission Percent displays without refresh
  • Fix: Actually Charges displays without refresh
  • Fix: Lookup Table not found for Office dropdown in 1099s
  • Fix: Data Set not in edit mode and xml propagation in Summary of Trans

21 Jan 2016 – 1601.5.0.6123

Turbo Title

  • Customer Individual Search table now remembers layout
  • Customer Search now remembers last name used on open (again)
  • Added a status pane to Check Print. Reflect number of checks and last check to print.
  • Adds CD files to MRUList.

20 Jan 2016 – 1601.4.0.6123

Turbo Title

  • Fixes introduced problem where new Customer Individual’s don���t show in customer lookup when first created.
  • Property Search now defaults to search box and selects text.
  • Added StreetUnitType & StreetUnitID to Property Search table
  • Added ‘Show Update Log’ to the Help Menu

Closing Disclosure

  • Added ‘Final’ print option
  • Updated the ‘Estimate’ print option.
  • Altered Seller CD acknowledgment. “You do not have to accept the terms…” rather than “the loan”.
  • Fixed acknowledgement typo. “recevied” changed to “received” on CD acknowledgments
  • Removed seller signature from CD Page 2 borrower side print.

14 Jan 2016 – 1601.3.0.6123

Turbo Title

  • Re-ordered Customer Lookup List fields. Restored “CompanyName” title
  • Made adjustment to 1099 entry form to allow Foreign Zip Code
  • Added catch to help save policy data

Closing Disclosure

  • ‘Estimate’ now print on Alta Settlement statement when selected
  • ‘Estimate update on CD Print
  • Fix: “Cannot focus” error when opening gear panel in Summary of Transactions
  • Fix: “Dataset not in edit mode” when opening deposit addendum
  • Feature: Section G amounts now default to CheckNo 99
  • Feature: 4 decimal places allowed in Prepaid Interest daily amount
  • Feature: Allowed to remove CD items from ALTA statement by using ALTA Section “Do Not Include”
  • F6: “Title – Endorsement Fees” pull from Turbo Policy

12 Jan 2016 – 1601.2.0.6123

Turbo Title

  • Adjusted Revenue Forecast
  • Added AssignTo and AssignDate to main screen todo list
  • Added ClosingDate merge code to General File Items.
  • Merges CD ClosingDate or HUD SettlementDate
  • Added DisburseDate merge code to General File Items. CD First then HUD.
  • Added ProrateDate merge code to General File Items. CD First then HUD.
  • Added Date Format option D of M, Y (Dayth of Month, Year);
  • Added Today format option of ‘DayOfMonthYear’
  • Added AddressBlock – List All Property Addesses
  • Customers now can be assigned to an office
  • Customer/Individual List has Office filtering

Closing Disclosure

  • New entry box for Cost Detail and Summary Line Items
  • Top line accepts fully custom text
  • Full text search for auto completion options
  • Additional line types “Underwriting Fee” and “Title – Settlement Fee” added
  • Customizable line type auto completion options coming soon
  • CFPB XML drop down moved to gear panel
  • CFPB XML set automatically by the selected search option
  • The gear panel should now only be needed on occasional special cases, not for each time you need Other text
  • Add Line shortcut changed to Crtl + L (to not interrupt Select All short cut)
  • F6: Policy amounts when line type is Lenders/Owners Premium

05 Jan 2016 – 1601.1.0.6122

Turbo Title

  • Adds ‘Street’ address to Todo App
  • Fixed Main Form Todo info was missing and not remembering column positioning.

Closing Disclosure

  • Added option to allow ALTA signature to be on a new page.

31 Dec 2015  – 1512.8.1.6122

Closing Disclosure

  • Fixes CD worksheet issue. Repeating incorrect description problem.

22 Dec 2015 – 1512.8.0.6122

Turbo Title

  • Employee Commission Report adds new options
  • Fixed Problem with Turbo Policy printing package that had templates in a directory above the package directory.
  • Updated Revenue Forecast Reports

Closing Disclosure

  • UW Fees are now properly rounded in Worksheet
  • CD Worksheet now has ‘Save Deposit’ menu option
    • NOTE: ‘Separate Deposits’ check box controls one or multiple deposits
  • Worksheet can now create Payoff Todos
  • Unicode font error removed. CD no longer needs unicode

11 Dec 2015 – 1512.5.0.6121

Turbo Title

  • Todo: Added CompletedDate & CompletedBy fields on main screen
  • Revenue Forecast report now includes CD files.

10 Dec 2015 – 1512.4.1.6121

Turbo Title

  • Street/Street1 merge codes now add UnitType, UnitNo where needed. Worked in some cases but not all.
  • Check Date is now second field in tab order on Checks
  • Restores Todo Description text on main page.

Closing Disclosure

  • Worksheet no longer saves checks that are  less than or equal to zero

09 Dec 2015 – 1512.4.0.6121

Turbo Title

  • Fixed spelling of merge code. EscrowOfficePhone corrected to EscrowOfficerPhone
  • Added Merge Code: EscrowOfficerSetupPhone
  • Documents/Packages now have an additional search path to find documents/continuation documents. It now includes the package path or document path. (Before it only searched the original path defined in the package or continuation document and the Template directory) This change allows document packages and the docs they contained to be moved to a new directory with re-linking.
  • Added Todo List drop down menu to Todo Menu on Main Screen
  • Doc Designer now re-opens to the directory of the same level as the currently open document.
  • Inserting a field in Doc Designer not sets Designer as modified. This allows for the document to be saved without other modification.

Closing Disclosure

  • Removed LoanNo & LoanType from seller ALTA

07 Dec 2015 – 1512.3.0.6121

Turbo Title

  • Fixes issues with merge code BuyerSigBlock. SellerSigBlock. FullName being used instead of LargeName in some instances.
  • Fixed extra line feed in BuyerSigBlock, SellerSigBlock when users adds a carriage return

Closing Disclosure

  • Now supports Large Name line breaks in signatures
  • Adds support for two more signature line types added previously

04 Dec 2015 – 1512.2.0.6121

Turbo Title

  • Added Reset Acknowledgement to Default option
  • Default Acknowledgements & Signatures don’t ask to save unless changed.
  • Fixed window z ordering
  • Check Total Error Fixed
    • Added code to trap an error where a check stub total was written to the wrong transaction.
  • The ability to void a deposit that is in a Bank Deposit has been entirely removed. The bank deposit must be recreated, freeing the deposit in question, before void is possible.
  • Refreshes reconciliation query after closing reconciliation.

Closing Disclosure

  • Option to print Seller CD Signatures
  • Property Unit & UnitID now print on the CD as expected
  • Added dates to signature lines on CD addendum

25 Nov 2015 – 1511.8.1.6121

  • Turbo no longer gets stuck on top of other windows
  • Closing disbursements in Turbo returns to the Closing Disclosure when appropriate

21 Nov 2015 – 1511.8.0.6121

Turbo Title

  • Rearranged Acknowledgement Setter tab order
  • Buyer/Seller setup tab now offers access to Acknowledgement Setter
  • Acknowledgement Setter now has defaults. Will create Signature and Acknowledgements without user intervention (standard docs need to be present before this works).
  • Created Standard Doc edit menu items for Buyer/Seller Signatures & Acknowledgments
  • Added 2015 1099 support

Closing Disclosure 1511.21.0.6121

  • Summary Of Trans now populates the ‘TO’ recipient on the worksheet
  • Adds 1099 support to the CD

19 Nov 2015 – 1511.7.0.6120

Turbo Title

  • Adds SellerSignersForAck, BuyerSignersForAck merge fields for building acknowledgments

Closing Disclosure

  • Lightened CD Page 3 Shading to improve print quality
  • Check Type List now auto populates when CD is initially created
  • Populates Worksheet ‘99’ items and Title CheckNo’s automatically
    • (More Worksheet auto populate coming soon!)

18 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.6.3.5120

Turbo Title

  • Fixes problem introduced in Buyer/Seller entry

Closing Disclosure

18 Nov 2015

  • More adjustments to Summary Of Trans bottom checkboxes
  • Added LoanNo, LoanType to ALTA
  • Added option to allow for ALTA Buyer/Seller Signature dates
  • Added option for RE Brokers to sign ALTA
  • Added option to remove ALTA Printed On Date

17 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.6.1.5120

Closing Disclosure

  • Moves the ‘From’ CheckBox at the bottom on the SummaryOfTrans to the right.

16 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.6.0.5120

Turbo Title

  • Added StateName code to Property List
  • Now Closes CD when closing

 Closing Disclosure   1511.16.0.6120

  • Widened Amount Columns on ALTA Settlement Statement
  • Fixes Access Violations when Entering WorkSheet
  • Worksheet Tax type now writes PropID to comment line on check
  • Generic Type now works on Worksheet
  • HOA, Water, Sewer, Home Warranty, Hazard Insurance now act like Generic
  • Generic & Tax check items try to match with the Contacts Database (load addresses)
  • CD now fully closes when Turbo Closes

13 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.5.0.5120

Turbo Title

  • Added BuyerSigBlock & SellerSigBlock (provides CD type signature line support on docs)
  • Added new name title “Member”
  • Added new Signature Type, “Name, Title”
  • Fixed bug with AcknowledgementBuyer issue
  • Doc Merge fields can now be in the footer

Closing Disclosure

  • Up and Down arrow key now navigate Closing Cost Details, Summary, and Payoffs tabs
  • Shortcut ‘Ctrl + A’ adds a line to active section
  • Shortcut ‘Ctrl + T’ while in ‘custom display text’ will toggle to a Title charge
  • Shortcut ‘Ctrl + G’ whill toggle gear/options line
  • Adjusts Worksheet to get UW%. Not working in all cases.
  • Adjusted ALTA Logo width
  • Tweaked ALTA Signatures to allow for multiple Entity Blocks
  • Cost Details Reset button moved to right
  • Now Prints Aggregate Adjustment Amount as 0.00 when it is zero.

9 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.3.1.6120

Closing Disclosure

  • Speed improvements – load time cut by 60%
  • Only completely closes if Turbo is closed or you use the Alt + F4 short cut
  • Turbo will restore CD from a minimized state
  • Fixed Seller Only Summary of Trans numbering issue/Indent issue
  • Fixes Closing Disclosure Addendum Signature Line wrapping
  • Fixes Buyer Addendum repeating second borrower name on Signature

5 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.2.1.6120

Turbo Title

  • EscrowOfficerLicenseNo now pulls from the Order Setup

Closing Disclosure

  • Fixes Worksheet not setting section ‘L’ section items as negative in some cases
  • Fixed ‘No Escrow’ section wordings
  • Enlarged CD Printing Fonts
  • Fixes problem with PDF Viewing multiple versions of the Closing Disclosure

4 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.2.0.6120

Turbo Title

  • Doc Designer: Added New Merge Codes
    • CompanyStateLicenseNo, Customer & Customer Individual LicenseNo, EscrowOfficerLicenseNo

Closing Disclosure

  • Final Down Payment amount no longer automatic.  Use F6 for CFPB amount.
  • Late Payment language updated to include “and interest”
  • Adds Check Type List to CheckNo drop downs

3 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.1.2.6120

Closing Disclosure 1511.3.0.6120

  • Loan points F6 now calculating as percentage
  • F6 Preview displays currency amounts as $1,000.00
  • Fix: Additional Seller Credits no longer included in “Adjustment and Other Credits” total on Calc Cash to Close tab
  • Sales Price updates when purpose set to Purchase

2 Nov 2015 – Build 1511.1.1.6120

Closing Disclosure 1511.2.2.6120

  • Can create additional Seller Credits in Summary of Transaction
  • Seller Credit on Calc Cash to Close is now auto calculated
  • Max Interest Rate % sign comes after number
  • F6 Preview now read only
  • Fix: Worksheet “Dataset not in edit mode” error
  • Fix: Entering new check no on worksheet not showing new check amount

30 Oct 2015 – Build 1510 10.7.6120

Closing Disclosure 1510.30.0.6120

  • “Show Office Address” is on as default
  • Fix: Save PDF now creates PDF/FileNo directory as needed
  • Fix: “Dataset not in edit mode” when modifying Deposit/Seller Credit from Summary
  • Adjustments and Other Credits now includes applicable charges from upper K and upper L sections
  • Adds earnest money held by company CheckBox support in Worksheet (See Deposit Info)
  • Adds “Construction (Seller)” type
  • Adds “Use Final Payment” option for Payment Periods
  • Adds option for using daily interest
  • Payoffs/Summary tab now come before the Calculating Cash To Close tab

29 Oct 2015 – Build 1510 10.6.6119

Closing Disclosure 1510.29.0.6119

  • Fixes CD seller side not printing the full Contact Info address
  • CCD F6: Nevada Transfer Taxes
  • Fixes printing blank Escrow Officer Statement on ALTA form
  • Fixes proration dates not printing on ALTA Statement
  • Negative Values allowed in Adjustment and Credits estimate

28 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.10.5.6119

Closing Disclosure  (1510.10.0.6119)

  • Added ‘Save PDF’ option to Print.
  • Removes UW Split Check option is UW has no %
  • Long borrower/seller names use addendum
  • Update Partial Payment Language on entry form
  • Fixes Printed License Info in Contact Info
  • Fix: ‘dataset not active’ error selecting Escrow Officer (really!)

27 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.10.4.6118


  • Fixed bug that allowed Approved checks to have more stub items added

Closing Disclosure (1510.27.1.6118)

  • Added Hazard Insurance as worksheet check type
  • Full buyer and seller names always print. (No husband and wife format)
  • Shortened ALTA Acknowledgement depth to better accommodate footer.
  • Fixes Summary Of Trans check box issue
  • Summary: Proration Calculator added to Adjustments sections
  • CCD F6: Real Estate Agent and Commissions
  • Fix: ‘dataset not active’ error selecting Escrow Officer
  • CD Addendums updated

26 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.10.3.6118

Closing Disclosure

  • Worksheet: Added ‘Water’, ‘Sewer’, ‘HOA, ‘Home W.’ as a check type
  • Worksheet: User can now add own text directly to a check type
  • Fix: Potential 6420
  • Fix: Cash To Close estimate now recalculates after changing the payoffs amount
  • Fix: “Field ‘County’ not found” error when creating tax checks
  • Fix: Cash to Close Printing. To/From Borrower on refi version

23 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.10.2.6118

Turbo Title

  • State License now accommodates dashes and other characters.
  • Standard Rate Calculator now disables underwriter change in Standard Rate Premium Calculator.

Closing Disclosure

  • CCD: Increased height of fields to accommodate larger font sizes
  • CCD: Moved Paid To type drop down to Options Panel
  • CCD: Added per month charge to options panel for Per Month To charges
  • CCD F6: Prepaid Interest Start and End dates
  • CCD F6: Paid To for Title lines
  • CCD F6: Amount on per month charges
  • CCD F6: Prepaid Interest amount and dates
  • CCD: Fix tab order on Cost Details per month charges
  • Summary F6: StartDate, EndDate in adjustments sections
  • Summary F6: Amount on County Tax lines
  • Print Seller CD Contact Info. Phone printing in wrong place
  • Now Selects  ‘HUD Printer’ as the default printer.
  • Escrow Officer includes only active
  • Escrow Officer sorted by employee code
  • Banks includes only active

21 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.9.0.6118

Turbo Title


  • Adds Chase CSV Positive Pay Format
  • Fixes merge code ‘AnnualTax’
  • Fixes AnnualTax format entry on OrderSetup
  • Restores PropertyType events in OrderSetup
  • Restores ZipCode events on Property
  • Fixes to “General File Search’ – Should now work as designed
  • Fixes File Copy Problem, Copying Buyer/Seller Names problem. Not showing copied file names on the Closing Dislosure

Closing Disclosure

21 Oct 2015  1510.21.0.6118

  • Fixes CD Print bug – Some formats not showing Description
  • Added names to signature line
  • Fixes Listing/Selling Agent printing reversal
  • Summary of Transaction: Lender Credits now deducted from Closing Cost
  • Error Detection added for deleting lines

20 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.9.0.6118

Turbo Title

  • Fixes Copy Property, OrderID error

Closing Disclosure

  • Paid By Others ‘LenderL’ designation now prints (L) on Closing Disclosure
  • To/From dates can now be cleared
  • Adjustments and Other Credits Estimate amount not forced to negative amount
  • Adjustments and Other Credits Final amount auto calculates
  • Fixes ‘npsp’ typo on Proration Lines
  • Adds Buyer/Seller Addendums
  • Adds ‘Estimate Only’ option to printing
  • Buyer/Seller names now loading large name when present
  • Adds Loan Estimate Sales Price and Loan Amount
  • Uses Loan Estimate Sales Price and Loan Amounts to set change text section for Deposit
  • Down Payment auto calculates as Sales Price minus Loan Amount
  • Added Broker to Check Types on Worksheet

16 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.8.0.6117

Closing Disclosure

  • Buyer Seller Full Name now includes Middle Name and Suffix
  • Fixes default CD Print options on Non-Purchase
  • Cost Details: Default period type set to mo.
  • Cost Details: Clicking Title button will toggle ALTA Title Section
  • Cost Details: Sort button added to sort by description
  • Cost Details: Aggregate Adjustment added with standard lines
  • Payoffs: No longer adding mortgage payoffs by default
  • Payoffs: Amount now displaying in Debit column on ALTA statement
  • Payoffs: Sort button added to sort by description
  • Summary: Sort button added to sort by description
  • Fixes ALTA Escrow Officer Statement – Not Found issue
  • Now has the option to print all three Closing Disclosure versions or any
  • Adds ‘ALTA Show Me’ help link
  • Adds ‘Closing Disclosure Show Me’ help link
  • Adds Lender Credits as an item on the Worksheet
  • Page 1 now prints Sales Price/Appraised from local field
  • Appraised Price no longer read only
  • Seller Removed from Page 1 on non-purchase
  • Lender Name has been restored on Borrower disclosure
  • Loan info has been restored on Borrower disclosure
  • Now has option for office address to print
  • Cost Paid Before closing Estimate no longer read only

15 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.7.0.6116

ALTA Settlement Statement Video

Turbo Title

  • Adds the option to create custom ALTA Escrow Officer Text. (See Turbo Prefrences, Global Settings)

Closing Disclosure

  • Now has option to print all three ALTA Statements all at the same time or any of them.
  • Fixes bug where Title Premium weren’t always showing the “Actual Charge”.
  • Produces the Escrow Officer statement declared in Preferences

14 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.6.1.6116

Closing Disclosure

  • Section L extra items now show as negative amounts on the Worksheet
  • Fixes bug where Addendum entries wont stay on assigned check

13 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.6.1.6116

Closing Disclosure

  • Closing Disclosure now print line item addendums. See addendum menu for printing.

9 Oct 2015 – Build 1510.6.0.6116

Turbo Title

  • Removed Minimize button from Turbo Policy/Turbo Escrow windows (was causing issues losing ability to find form again on some systems. Use close button instead as it has the same effect)

Closing Disclosure

  • Payoff Line Format adjusted to better match CD
  • Payoffs now stored separately from the Summary Payoffs lines
  • Actual Charges highlighted in Blue
  • Bank Options are limited to the selected escrow officer’s banks.
  • Lender Credits displayed correctly in form on page 1
  • Recording delete issues fixed.  Can no longer delete recording addendums
  • Fixes ‘OwnerCommRate’ error when opening worksheet.

8 Oct 2015 — Build 1510.5.0.6116

Turbo Title

  • Fixes bug where the zip code city list wasn’t firing in Property Setup

Closing Disclosure


  • Recording Deed and Mortgage fees sync with Addendum
  • Recording Addendum created automatically


  • Addendum entries now show up on Worksheet
  • Lines with addendums (with the total amount) will show up in addition to the addendum lines optionally. (See ‘List Addendum Line details only’ option under ‘Options’ on the CD Disbursement Worksheet. Uncheck to show the total lines with the addendum detail)
  • Buyer/Seller Checks now populate with all names


  • Form displays Closing Cost Paid Before Closing change text correctly
  • Corrected CCC to/from box for non-seller transactions
  • Removed Page 1 to/from box for purchase transaction from form
  • AP Table now completed filled in on Print
  • Closing Disclosure shows more quickly the second time if Turbo FileNo hasn’t changed

 7 Oct 2015 — Build 1510.4.3.6116

Turbo Title

  • Fixed bug when sorting File Finder by Street
  • Fixes Respa Hud typo on line 520

Closing Disclosure

  • Recording and Payoff addendums are printed on ALTA Settlement Statement
  • Change background color of option panels
  • Payoff paid to names now print on ALTA and non-seller CDs
  • All To/From check boxes are read only/auto calculated
  • Reset option added to Payoffs tab
  • Fixed save checks – FileNo not found error
  • Fixed fields in AP table not saving/entering correctly
  • Fixed error entering custom text into linked Summary lines

 6 Oct 2015 — Build 1510.4.0.6116

Turbo Title

  • Turbo Title updated to allow administrator to select the Company Logo file.
    • The Logo displays at the top of the ALTA Settlement Statement print out. See Maintenance / Preferences / Global Settings / Load ALTA logo. The routine copies the selected file to the shared repository and names it “CompanyLogo.JPG”

Closing Disclosure

  • Worksheet now supports Underwriter Split check
  • Worksheet now has ‘Review’ option. Shows all stub assignments.
  • Several Worksheet bug fixes and layout improvements
  • ALTA Settlement Adjustments and fixes
  • Closing Disclosure Printing Adjustments and fixes
  • Fixed Summary tab order
  • Fixed weird scroll wheel behavior