Rate Compare Tool

Turbo Title has added a ‘Rate Compare’ tool to display a comparison of the available underwriter rates. Buttons are available on the Main Screen and Turbo Policy Toolbars to initiate the ‘Rate Compare’ tool.

Training Videos:

Rate Compare Screen

When first loading the Rate Compare form data is populated from existing data in the current file.  You can make changes to any of the following:

  • Loan Amount: Will change the fee charge in the Lenders column of the Table
  • Sales Price: Changes the fees displayed in the Owners column of the Table
  • Lenders: This is a drop down to select the desired rate type
  • Owners: This is a drop down to select the desired rate type
  • Order Type: Allows user to select a different order type. Refinance order types may be used.
  • Use Simultaneous: Adjusts rate based on Simultaneous issue.
  • Subdivision/Builder Rate: Adjusts rates appropriately
  • Non-Residential: Automatically populated by the assigned

Additional buttons:

  • Refresh Rates: Click to reload data from the current file
  • Apply Rates: Click to write currently selected data to the file.

Underwriter Rate Selection

To add underwriters to the Rate Compare tool the underwriter must be assigned a ‘Rate Type’ in the Underwriter Setup form.

Drop down the ‘Rate Type’ combobox to select one of the desired built-in rate type for the underwriter. Usually you will want to select the tool that includes as part of the name ‘Most Recent’.

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RON Merge Codes

Remote Online Notary merge codes are now available in DocDesigner.

They currently will only merge document markups for Notarize.com. However, the same merge codes will be available for other services in the future.

When the document is merged the codes are replaced with the mark up text specified by the designated notary service.

The screen shot above shows the merge codes currently available.

  • Line Width: Determines how wide the inserted data can be.
  • Signer No: sets the numeric marker for which signer is active

Also, note that signature merge code blocks will also add mark up texts automatically.
Those signature blocks are found in the ‘Text Blocks’ section under the General list.
The following merge codes apply:

  • BuyerSigBlock, SellerSigBlock
  • BuyerSigBlockDated, SellerSigBlockDated
  • SignatureBuyers, SignatureSellers
  • SignatureBuyersWithEmailPhone, SignatureSellersWithEmailPhone







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DocArchive – Show Outline

To enable DocArchive to show the outline that exists in a PDF can be done by clicking ‘Show Outline’.

The PDF needs to have bookmarks an outline to be shown. If it does you will see the following in the thumbnail column. Clicking on any bookmark will display the page where it is located.

Notice that there are now two vertical tabs shown on the left side of the thumbnail column.
The Outline tab is currently activated.

Clicking the Thumbnail tab located above the Outline tab will return the column to showing thumnails.

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Newsletter March 2020

Remote Online Notarization

Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows your customers to sign a closing without needing to leave home to complete the process. Turbo Title is currently working on an integration with Notarize.com to allow for RON closings. The integration with Notarize.com will be available in the near future but RON signings via Notarize.com can already be done using documents created in Turbo Title. A recent update adds the PDF bookmarks required for documents sent to Notarize. To get setup and begin using Notarize.com go here.

Stewart Title Integration

Turbo Title was recently integrated with Stewart Access. This allows Stewart Agents to receive CPLs & Policy Jackets without leaving Turbo Title. We have training videos on retrieving Stewart Jackets and CPLs.

REPC Deadline Reminders

TurboNet can now send daily emails about upcoming REPC deadlines entered in the Order Setup. You can choose how far in advance for each deadline type and they will go out automatically each day. Customers can unsubscribe themselves, or sign up for text message notifications as well. It will also help clients make sure they have submitted their latest addendum. Contact us to get started.

Simplifile Integration

Turbo Title has simplified sending documents to Simplifile. In the past only documents created in Scan could be used as Simplifile recordings. We have recently added DocArchive PDF files to be used also. Recordings returned from Simplifile now go directly to a tab named ‘Recording’ or another tab can be specified.

Click here for a quick overview or please call for detailed training on using Simplifile within Turbo Title.

Updating TurboTitle

You can always check for and install updates using TW Server Manager. Search for it in your start menu or download it from our website. New updates are usually available a couple of times a month.

Your Suggestions

We are always happy to hear from you about features that could make your TurboTitle life easier.

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Simplifile Recordings in DocArchive

Create a Simplifile Package from DocArchive

  1. Select a document or documents in DocArchive
  2. Next right click one of the selected documents to open the popup menu
  3. In the menu click on  ‘Set Selected for Simplifile Recording’
  4. File out the form that appears with the selected documents showing. (See form below)
  5. Now click ‘Save Package’ in the menu on the left hand menu that is on the form.

Create Package Form

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1099 Season is Here

1099 Season is Here

We wanted to Inform you of some updates to Turbo Title that are now available to support changes in the IRS code for 2017.  Also, we have added features to make your job easier!

  • Turbo now creates your complete 1099.  When printing you will no longer need the preprinted form.  Turbo now creates it for you.
  • We have also added a foreign entity section to the 1099 and Substitute 1099 forms.
    • An update 1099 substitute form including foreign entity is available here.
  • There is a new MaskTIN field in Doc Designer for better security

For 2018 – We are adding an option to email 1099s at the end of the year rather than mail. For this you will need:

  • Per IRS requirement, a signed form granting permission to email the 1099.
  • A valid email address for the recipient.

A 1099 email authorization form is available here.

New 1099 Fields

To email your 1099, highlight the 1099 you are wanting to email, then select File in top left corner, the email option is under print option.

We appreciate the support we receive from our customers and look forward to working with you into the future.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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January TurboTitle Update

Turbo Title 5.3 (Build includes several updates. With these updates the new property type underwriting requirements are met. TWRemit has also been updated to reflect these changes. Be sure to update TWRemit to make sure new property types are reflected in your underwriter report, as noted below.

January TurboTitle Update

Included in the January update (Build

  • Supports new property type underwriter reporting requirements.
  • TWRemit has been updated to handle the new requirements as well as the native reporting in Turbo Title. (More information and download below.)
  • Large exceptions are now handled better when printing commitments/policies. Splitting large exceptions into multiple blocks is no longer required.
How to get the update

Updating to the latest build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater. The updater is available to download if you do not already have it.

Updating from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier.

If you need to update from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier, please contact us before running the updater.

Capturing Property Type Data

If you have been using Turbo Title as suggested in the Property Type Underwriting Requirements Post then you have been capturing “property type” data in Turbo Title. The underwriter reports internal to Turbo Title will use this new “property type” data when creating underwriter reports. The next section describes how to transfer that data into TWRemit from Turbo Title.

Getting Data into TWRemit

After running the January Turbo Title update, make sure that users running the remittance utility download the updated TWRemit Utility.

After installing build, property type data will automatically transfer into TWRemit as policies are printed. However, that data has NOT been transferred prior to this version. Update TWRemit data entered prior to this build by one of the following methods:

  • You can also use “Update Data in Remittance Records” to update all of the active records in TWRemit. (Recommended)
  • You can use “Update Current Record” to bring in fresh data including the property type data for a single record.
  • You can enter changes manually by using the Edit option or double click the grid. Then make the appropriate selection in the “PropType” field and click “OK”.
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Property Type Underwriting Reporting

As you are probably aware the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, beginning January 1st, 2012, is requiring that the Property Type be added to all reported title policies.

You can begin to collect the data with the current version of Turbo Title by using the “Type” field under the “Property” tab in the Order Setup screen.

Select the first option “Residential 1-4” for a file to be reported as Residential property. Use either of the other options (“Residential 5+” or “Commercial”) to report the file as Non-residential.

We are currently working on modifying the underwriter reports and expect to have an update available by the end of the month.

The following screen shot show where to enter the required information:

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November TurboTitle Update

TurboTitle 5.3 includes several updates. We’ve created a simple new way for you to set signature and acknowledgment blocks once for each file and have them automatically merged into each of the desired documents. Creating templates for common Signature and Acknowledgment formats will make adding them to a file quick and easy.

The November release (Build includes the following updates:


  • Acknowledgement & Signature blocks – Allows user the ability to create an Acknowledgement & Signature block that can be used on all forms in a file without cut & paste.


  • Updated for 2011 tax year


  • Page 1 now has signature printing option.
  • Can now turn off page numbering when printing.
  • 901 Per Diem now accepts 4 decimals.
  • Added the ability to edit HUD Page 3 Loan Term Amount when Reverse Mortgage is checked.
  • Fixed Page 2 roll-up calculation problem.


  • Fixes bug where depth of exception printing (line counting before overflow) was not predictable.


  • Payee now supports 60 characters.

How to get the Update

Updating to the November build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater. The updater is available to download if you do not already have it.

Updating from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier

If you need to update from TurboTitle 5.0 or earlier, please contact us before running the updater.


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June TurboTitle Update

The June release ( includes a fix for a rare case where the HUD displays incorrect totals when two users attempt to modify the same HUD under certain conditions. The complete list of new features and fixes is as follows:

  • Added new REPC fields in Order Setup
  • Added ‘File List By Important Date’ Report
  • Added new ‘Listing’ Todo type
  • Departments can now be de-activated
  • Added ability to copy names from the File Finder into the current file
  • Added the ability to fix spell check problems with the legal description
  • Fixed problem emailing error log
  • New property information is now added to log file

Turbo Policy

  • Policy Notes field is now available in Doc Designer

Turbo Escrow

  • Fixed rare case which may cause Hud calculation problems
  • Added addendum lines to Hud Page 1 (See 200/500 sections)
  • Added the ability to print a receipt from a deposit (Learn more)
  • Added 95% rate to Premium Calculator
  • 901 per diem amount now supports 4 decimal places
  • 1000 section monthly amounts now support 4 decimal places
  • Fixed placement of POC form
  • Fixed various issues with Hud Page 3

Scanning and Archiving

  • Fixed PDF import bug
  • Fixed dead annotation toolbar in scanning

How to get the Update

If you have already upgraded your installation to TurboTitle 5.1, updating to the April build is easily accomplished using the TurboTitle updater. The updater is available to download if you do not already have it.

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