TurboTitle Print Driver: Did someone say paperless?

We are exited to announce that we have begun beta testing on our new TurboTitle Print Driver.  This powerful new tool lets you save anything you can print to TurboTitle as either a PDF file, a scanned image, or both.  This ability edges you closer to going completely paperless by taking away the need to print something on paper simply to turn around and scan and save it as a file or image.  Any program that can print is now a tool to help you get the information you want, where you need it.  Web browsers, email clients, PDF viewers, and any other program you use to print your documents can now help you prepare, track and store that information where it can help you most.

How It Works

Once the TurboTitle Print Driver is installed, simply select TurboTitle Printer as your printer when you print a document.  The TurboTitle Print utility will then show you a preview of your document and let you select or change information such as the TurboTitle file number, PDF filename, Scanning Department or Scanned Doc Name before you click save to send the file or image to TurboTitle.


Besides being able to take advantage of existing TurboTitle scanning features such as annotations, scan departments and document naming, there is a vast array of options that can be selected for your documents.  Here are just a few:

  • Watermarks
  • BookMarks
  • Security
  • Digital Signatures
  • Overlay
  • Graphic Compression
  • Automatically Detect URLs

Release Schedule

The print driver and pricing information will be available in early January.  The print driver requires changes made in the most recent build of TurboTitle ( or later), so make sure you schedule a time to upgrade to Version 5.1 with us and get the December TurboTitle release if you have not been able to do so yet.

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