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Rate Compare Tool

Turbo Title has added a ‘Rate Compare’ tool to display a comparison of the available underwriter rates. Buttons are available on the Main Screen and Turbo Policy Toolbars to initiate the ‘Rate Compare’ tool

Rate Compare Screen

When first loading the Rate Compare form is populated from existing data in the current file.  You can make changes to any of the following:

  • Loan Amount: Will change the fee charge in the Lenders column of the Table
  • Sales Price: Changes the fees displayed in the Owners column of the Table
  • Lenders: This is a drop down to select the desired rate type
  • Owners: This is a drop down to select the desired rate type
  • Refi: Automatically populated when the file order type is Refinance
  • Use Simultaneous
  • Subdivision/Builder Rate
  • Commercial: Automatically populated by the assigned

Underwriter Rate Selection

To add underwriters to the Rate Compare tool the underwriter must be assigned a ‘Rate Type’ in the Underwriter Setup form.

Drop down the ‘Rate Type’ combobox to select one of the desired built-in rate type for the underwriter. Usually you will want to select the tool that includes as part of the name ‘Most Recent’.

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Simplifile Recordings in DocArchive

Create a Simplifile Package from DocArchive

  1. Select a document or documents in DocArchive
  2. Next right click one of the selected documents to open the popup menu
  3. In the menu click on  ‘Set Selected for Simplifile Recording’
  4. File out the form that appears with the selected documents showing. (See form below)
  5. Now click ‘Save Package’ in the menu on the left hand menu that is on the form.

Create Package Form

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